Yes. All the themes submitted to Gridgum are required to use a responsive framework.
A theme designed with responsive web design in mind adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries. This enables the theme to adapt to different viewing devices such as mobiles, tablets, notebooks and desktops. This removes the need for a separate mobile website.
We give all our buyers Gridgum Points on every purchase. These are points you can use to redeem off on any future purchases. 100 Gridgum points equal $1. So for example if you accumulate and use 200 Gridgum points on a purchase of a $12 theme you will get this theme for $10. Remember you need to login or create an account to earn these points.
Each theme developer has the option to add an installation/setup service with their themes. Each theme with an installation service is different, so remember to read the installation details of what the seller offers via the “what does this include?” link on the theme details pages.
No not necessarily. The installation service is just an optional extra for buyers on some themes if they want to save time or do not have the resources to install your chosen theme.
Most of the themes come with three license options. Click here to view our license information.
Simply click on the “View Profile and Contact Author” link on each individual theme details page, or alternatively contact the theme author directly.
At Gridgum we are always there to help and if you get stuck with an author feel free to contact us directly and we will step in to help.
At Gridgum we currently accept PayPal (you can also use any major credit card via PayPal), also we accept visa and mastercard payment method too.
If you have a question or issue regarding a theme or template please contact the author of the theme. If you have further issues or cannot find a resolution feel free to contact us and we will try our best to resolve any topics.
The short answer is no. Please read our terms of service for further details on our refund policy. If you have any issues please contact the theme developer with any queries. It is your responsibility to check the theme details and preview files. If these are different from the preview files we will try to resolve these issues for you and we are always here to help with any issues you face.

No. We accept any types of website themes and templates including Joomla, Ghost, Drupal or even Magento as long as they are responsive.
No as a seller you can earn up to 80% ! Simply become an affiliate and redirect your customers to your page on Gridgum and we will pay out an additional 20% - 40% for your referrals.
We give our sellers an option to add a theme installation/setup service. We then bundle this with the cost of your single theme license. Please note that the commission applied for your sale on our website for this service is based on each individual themes exclusivity. So for example if your theme is exclusive you will earn 60% of the total amount. If your theme is non-exclusive you will earn 40% of the total sales amount.
No, you have the option to choose which themes you decide to be exclusive and non-exclusive. In terms of exclusivity, this refers to each individual uploaded theme/template only. This does not apply to the seller and your entire portfolio. For example, you can have one theme that is exclusive and one that is non-exclusive within your portfolio.
At Gridgum we aim to push your themes to our high network of traffic and via our social media platforms, but it always helps if you add your themes and self promote your themes via your own social media networks and blogs or websites with a link to your theme on our marketplace. Remember you can join our affiliate scheme and earn an extra 20% - 40% when you refer any users to our marketplace.
Yes. All theme submissions are reviewed by our staff. Please ensure to adhere to our submission guidelines to have the best chances of your theme being accepted.
Payments are processed at the end of each calendar month when affiliate or author reach minimum $50 balance and are then paid out on the 15th of the following month via PayPal to the email address you register with. You must be able to receive money via PayPal to be a seller on Gridgum.
No. We cover the PayPal processing fee for you. You only have to pay any cross-border or currency conversion fees, if these are applicable theses are usually very minimal.
No unless the file is broken or has errors. Users can contact you via your contact form on your profile page.

Simply register as an affiliate by clicking this link. If you are already a registered seller simply login and click the affiliate link to take you to your affiliate area.
We offer our affiliates 20% - 40% commission (depends how many monthly sales has affiliate) for all referrals to our website.
No. Anyone that violates this rule will be banned and removed from our affiliate program
Payments are processed at the end of each calendar month and are then paid out on the 15th of the following month via PayPal to the email address you register with. You must be able to receive money via PayPal to be an affiliate on Gridgum.
Our Affiliate program doesn't depend on cookies, it depends on affiliate ID number, It means if customer buys template from your site you will receive commission anyway.
In order to send potential buyers to Gridgum and have them listed as one of your referrals register and visit your affiliate area for more details.
No. You cannot bid on Gridgum related search keywords. Anyone violating this rule will be banned and removed from our affiliate program.
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