Please follow ALL the guidelines on this page to help to ensure that your item is approved. Please read these guidelines carefully prior to submitting a theme. Failure to agree to, read and follow these guidelines may result in rejection of your theme.

a. General Guidelines
  • 1. All themes MUST be Responsive.
  • 2. Design MUST be tested in several browsers to ensure compatibility.
  • 3. Theme Design MUST display correctly at most common mobile device and desktop screen widths. It is necessary to test each page against as many devices and browsers as possible. If you are unable to test against a physical device or desktop screen size then use a software-based approach to test against various configurations. Simulation is not always accurate but can help to identify major issues.
  • 4. Documentation, design and theme description MUST NOT contain spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • 5. Theme Name MUST be unique on Gridgum.
  • 6. Themes MUST display very high aesthetic quality, visual appeal and follow guidelines as outlined on B. Visual Quality.
  • 7. HTML MUST be valid HTML5 as determined by the W3C Markup Validation Service. However, browser prefixes and any other cutting edge code will be exempt.
  • 8. Item MUST include the original/non-minified versions of assets.
  • 9. Item MUST NOT include pages based on your chosen responsive frameworks example pages without adequate modification.
  • 10. Static HTML templates MUST use index.html as the filename for the home/default page.
  • 11. Item MUST store styles and scripts in files separate from the framework assets. Framework assets MUST NO be modified. For example if the bootstrap framework is being used. Changes should not be made to the core framework files.
  • 12. Markup, styles, and scripts MUST be neatly formatted with proper, consistent indentation and consistent use of tabs or spaces. Comments within code to describe elements is advised.
  • 13. Files uploaded MUST be completely free of JavaScript or any other errors.
  • 14. Markup, styles, and scripts MUST NOT be obfuscated or encrypted. Minifying styles and scripts is acceptable as long as sufficient information is provided to support changes to these files for the buyer. This can be within documentation you provide.
  • 15. Theme description and documentation must include notes about the use of JavaScript templating languages and web application frameworks in the construction of the item. Along with any Licenses, copyright notes and updates to the theme.
  • 16. Theme Description MUST be written in English.
  • 17. Item or intallation price CANNOT be set at a higher price than elsewhere.

B. Visual Quality
  • 1. Themes CANNOT resemble similar themes available or copy exisiting themes.
  • 2. Themes submitted CANNOT resemble similar free/example themes from the framework you are using.
  • 3. The visual quality of the Theme MUST be of a very high calibre.
  • 4. Large images MUST be compressed to ensure load times are optimised. The images should not be compressed so that distortion or high pixilation is shown.
  • 5. Design on the theme cannot be similar to existing themes on Gridgum.
  • 6. Theme should display consistent use of spacing, padding, line-height for typography and element placing.
  • 7. Themes should use attractive, high quality images. Please note you MUST add any copyright details attached to any use of images within your theme description.
  • 8. Your Theme colours should compliment each other.
  • 9. Elements and page designs should be created in a consistent manner.

C. Theme Featured Image and Screenshots
  • 1. Images uploaded via the dashboard MUST be of high quality and not distorted quality.
  • 2. Screenshots MUST be kept up-to-date and reflect the item at its latest approved version.
  • 3. Featured image MUST be cropped to 560px X 455px before uploading.
  • 4. Screenshots MUST be cropped to 720px X 365px before uploading.

D. Demo Link
  • 1. Live preview MUST NOT employ redirects or use URL shorteners.
  • 2. Demo link MUST represent the exact theme for sale at its latest approved version.
  • 3. Live preview MUST consistently load quickly and without error.
  • 4. Your demo link CANNOT use iframes or any links within the demo which enable a user to purchase the theme from anywhere other than Gridgum.

E. Licenses and attribution
  • 1. Item description and documentation MUST include attribution links to third-party assets.
  • 2. Third-party assets used in the creation of your theme MUST be properly licensed or free for commercial use. Examples of third-party assets include Plugins, components, textures, images, photographs, icons, glyphs, fonts, sounds, music, video and source artwork (e.g .psd or .ai files)
  • 3. Item CANNOT include any third-party assets in the .zip file that are not licensed for distribution.
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