Fully Functional Projects (Codes)

This category holds all ready, all fully functional projects. Here, you will find mobile applications, websites and other digital products that are not only beautiful designs like our website templates but have already complete "codes" (back-end).

These projects have a functional back-end, which means that it has codes, algorithms, logical functions, database management all included in the package.

Most of the products that are ready from the Pre-order Category will be moved here upon completion.

Author Mecovache
ZoomBus is a special project from Gridgum, it is a fully functional freelance transportation project, similar to Uber, but instead of personal vehicles (working much like taxis), Zoombus is perfect for Bus and Minivan drivers. Here, drivers can register their bus, minibus, or a minivan, customize the passenger seat alignment according to their vehicle, register routes, and wait for people to buy tickets. It is simple and easy to use.
Zoombus (UberBus) - Minivans/Bus Booking System - by ,
5.00/ 5stars
by Mecovache from Car templates
2050-12-12 $ 399
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