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Newspaper free Photoshop Template

Free psd(photoshop) templates

We are ready to introduce another FREE Photoshop template that can be used by people and companies who want to have an online newspaper, magazine or blog about various topics. Nowadays, everything is digitalized and can be accessed online, therefore, it is much more convenient to have e-newspaper than the normal one. The suggested Photoshop template will help you to launch a highly functional website that can be retrieved from anywhere at any given time. We would like to remind you that this is just the design from which can be shaped anything you want, like WordPress, Bootstrap, Joomla or HTML5 template. The end-product depends entirely on your choice, taste, and preferences.

The offered template is absolutely free of charge, therefore, we do not demand anything in return, not even some backlinks or copyrights. We allow you to use this Photoshop template for whatever purpose you want which can be commercial or non-commercial. If you want to have an online Newspaper, we offer a perfect opportunity to have one without incurring any costs. Internet will help you to increase the number of the readers and optimize your revenue sources.

Newspaper free photoshop template

The design of the template is very modern and authentic because it was created by one of the best web designers. It has six different pages which can be used to cover various information and news. There will be enough space to publish the desired information in a very detailed manner. The layout of each page can be altered based on your needs and preferences. The editing process is not complicated however you will need the Adobe Photoshop software to achieve the desired design. Everything in the Photoshop file is organized based on the layers and each of them has a separate name. You might not understand what are the layers and how are they organized but after downloading processes everything will be clear.

The layout of the Home Page is very neatly organized and the viewer can navigate through it very easily. It has the search button which will help the readers to find the desired information within the seconds. On the left side of the page is a separate column for the news categories to again make the lives of the readers easier.

Pages like Economy, Publications, and Services can be employed to publish information about distinct topics. Of course, you can alter the name of the page Economy and name whatever you want. There is also a separate page for Hot News that has two different Sub Menu Levels, two and three. As for Contacts, there can be presented contact information, for instance, telephone number, email, fax, street address and etc. There is also incorporated the Google Maps which can be used to show the exact location of the company.

We also decided to include in the template Contact Form, which can be used to communicate with readers very easily. Readers or the viewers of the website can reach you without calling or visit you which makes the communication easier and smoother. If you do not like the layout of the pages you can alter them easily using Adobe Photoshop software which can be installed on your computer very easily within the minutes.

If you have never worked with Photoshop templates and would like to work on something that you are familiar with, please follow this link which will direct to the page of Free Website Templates collection: https://gridgum.com/themes/category/free/ 

We have a rich collection of free WordPress, Joomla, Bootstrap and HTML5 templates which are also suggested without demanding anything in return. After gaining some experience and confidence by working with FREE templates, you can switch to Premium website templates.

Even though FREE templates are very high-quality products, Premium (Professional) templates have a lot more to offer.

Because of the increased demand and interest for Photoshop templates, we promise to publish more free PSD themes. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comment section and our support team will get back to them as soon as possible.

As for explanatory processes, our support team will offer video tutorial which will optimize answers to all your questions.

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