Arillo - Responsive Real Estate Theme
Author templateninja
Arillo is responsive HTML template built on the Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.0 framework. Arillo is real estate or property based website template. Arillo enables real estate agents or realtors to build their own brand and show all the features of the real estate what they sell easily. This HTML template includes 10 pages, they are homepage/index, category grid view, category list view, search result grid view, search result grid view, about, blog, blog single, contact, and single property.
Browser Support: IE 10; Latest Firefox; Latest Chrome; Latest Safari; Latest Opera
Arillo - Responsive Real Estate Theme - by ,
3.50/ 5stars
by templateninja From Bootstrap design templates
2050-12-12 $ 16
Real estate template
Author Mecovache
Real estate theme is one of the most commonly requested themes of website templates. Because of its divine design and functionality, this bootstrap real estate template makes it easy for realtors and clients to find desired properties. It is an HTML Bootstrap template with an easily manageable and movable search bar, that allows clients to search by location, sub-location, status, type, No. of bedrooms and price. In addition to the search bar, the site has design elements for displaying property listings by default, thumbnails, vertical map-less lists and with different colored maps
Real estate Bootstrap Theme - by ,
4.00/ 5stars
by Mecovache From Bootstrap Website
2050-12-12 $ 10
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