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FirstOrder - Free Bootstrap HTML Template

We have created free bootstrap HTML template, which is multifunctional, meaning it can be used for business, finances, management, portfolio and etc.

Our team has decided and created this “FirstOrder” as a unique free template in the whole marketplace. Its uniqueness is that we decided to create minimum 200-300 pages for this template.

Other companies who create free templates have only landing page or maximum 3-4 pages. Thus, as you can see we offer a huge amount of free templates for our customers and know we decided to be only company how created this specific template that is multifunctional and anyone can use for their business. If you do not like our free themes and template we can offer you Premium bootstrap and website template s here: https://gridgum.com

Now we have several pages created which are: Home, Portfolio, Blog and Post pages. However, as we have mentioned above here will be numerous pages.

Now let's discuss the Home page. As you can see one the right corner of your screen here is a drop-down menu to choose a language. Below this, you can see a slideshow, which can contain as many pictures as you wish. Below the slideshow under “We Are FirstOrder” you can write about the company what it offers to the customers, what does it, employee, what project did it do and etc. Besides that, as you can see there can be places pop-up video too. Under the pop-up video, you see a space which can be used for the project which a company has, had or is planning to have. Under that, you see a title “Meet Our Team” here you can place you co-workers pictures and write a little description about each one of them what is their position in the company and also add their social network links (ex: LinkedIn). At the end of the home page, there is “Stay Updated for Latest News” space, where you can write about the latest news about the company’s’ project benefits, planes or etc. As you can see there is “read more” batten and when you click on it you will be transferred to the blogs’ post page.

The main aim of this template is that this template can be used by anyone for anything, meaning for commercial and non-commercial reasons, everyone is capable of downloading it. However, there is one important condition when downloading it, that in the bottom of the template there should be indicated the link of our site. Although, if you want to remove the link it cost 3$, also if you want to use this template multiple times you have to be the license which costs 5$.

Next page which we are going to discuss is a portfolio. As you can see you can categories your photos in folders called: Photography, Mockup, Logo Design and Other.

Besides those pages, there is a page Blog and when you put the mouse on it there appears a drop-down menu: Blog Right Sidebar (Blog, Blog Post) and blog Left Sidebar (Blog, Blog Post). On the blog page, you can write the news and on the blog Post page, you can read the comments and also leave a reply.

Those are the four pages which we have created by this time, but we promise our customers that this template will be a minimum of 300 pages. We will do our best to add at list one page every week and customer how will download this template will get a notification (when you are subscribed) that new page has been added every time we create one.

If you have some difficulties and need help, just leave a comment in the comment section below the template we will create a video tutorial especially for you.

FirstOrder - Multipurpose PSD template


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