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Minimalist - HTML Bootstrap Theme

We are happy to present the new Bootstrap theme which is created for designers, creative agencies, design agencies and etc. In other words, the template can be used by people or companies that would like to share and promote their portfolios. The Bootstrap website template is created by highly qualified designers of whole web space which makes the product highly attractive. Purchase and use this theme to launch a highly functional website without wasting the big amount of time and money. The Bootstrap is very popular on the market since they can be operated easily, without having huge experience in coding and programming. Basically, whole work is already done, you just have to alter the already existing design based on your preferences, wishes, and taste. Editing a website’s design can be done through employing any HTML editor, for instance, the Adobe Dreamweaver. If you are not confident about Bootstrap HTML templates and how they work, try out the Free website themes, that can be found here: Bootstrap templates free download

This will help to understand whether you like working with an HTML template and the result it delivers and afterward, you can switch to Premium themes that have more to offer. The collection of Premium Bootstrap templates can be found here: https://gridgum.com/themes/category/bootstrap-themes/

The provided website template embraces the minimalist design which is very contemporary and trendy. The theme has various pages that can be used to present all the necessary information in a detailed way. More precisely, the pages are:

1. Home Page: There are two versions of Home Page, the one is a multi-page website and the other is a one-page website, so-called Landing Page template. It is entirely up to you which one you will choose and afterward use. On this page should be distributed the most important, interesting and engaging information, to make sure that customers will check the rest of the pages as well. Include your mission, vision statements or objectives of the agency.

2. About Us: On this page should be distributed history of the company, since when it is operating, what are the motives and objectives and etc. You can highlight some important dates or events that have distributed positive results.

3. Our team: On this page should be presented the information about team members, for instance, their names, experience, education, position. The data can be accompanied by the images of team members because customers like when they can familiarize with people about whom they gain information.

4. Our work: Here can be distributed your work, that can be passed or a recent one. Customers can view them all together or separately based on categories. You can include some short description for each work.

5. Our Blog: This page can be employed as your blog where you can share information about the agency, customers or topics that are related to your work and activities. Use this page to attract as many viewers as possible and stay tuned with them. Blogs are necessary and important to be connected with customers verbally.

6. Pricing: This page can be used to present the price range for your agency services. You might have different price packages that all can be presented with a short description that includes the provided benefits. This page is one of the most important ones since customers are always concerned about fees and charges.

7. Portfolio: Here can be presented the portfolios created by designers. There is a lot of space which means that you can share as many portfolios as you want. The online space, website, is the best and cheapest way to promote your work and product.

8. Page, Elements – This space or pages can be employed as you want, you can distribute whatever information you feel is important. You can distribute pictures, if you like the images that are used in this Bootstrap template, then feel free to use them as well because they are incorporated in the charged price.

9. Contact: This page can be used to share the contact information, for instance, the telephone number, email or street addresses and etc. Viewers can even send messages and emails through this page, which will make the communication process very easy. There is also included the Google Map tool which will show your exact location. If you do not know how to set up the Google Map location, please read this detailed article about it: https://gridgum.com/How-to-Set-Google-Map-Location-in-Bootstrap-Template/

As you noticed the provided template has a lot of pages which can be used to present all the data elaborately. It depends on you which version of the home page and collection of pages will be chosen.

If you purchase the provided Bootstrap template, your website will never have accessibility problem, it will be compatible with various browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and etc. Moreover, the website will have a responsive design which means that it can be opened through various devices like cell phones, computers, laptops, and tablets. But the best thing is that the design of the website will be altered depending on which device is employed. If you would like to know more about Bootstrap templates and its benefits, please follow this link and read a detailed article about it:

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section and our support team will answer them as soon as possible. There will be offered video tutorials that will facilitate the explanation processes.


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