Repair Service Joomla Theme
Author Natalie
Computer & electronic repair service companies are getting more profitable day by day. In the era of technologies, it is significant to have services that can help people out in desperate situations concerning technology. We would like to introduce you to our brand new premium Joomla theme. There are many reasons to use Joomla, but the most important one is that it is very easy to manage and setup. It has its own Admin Panel were administrator can make customizations easily. There is no need to be an expert in web development or even have any kind of experience to edit Joomla theme.
Repair service Joomla Theme - by ,
4.50/ 5stars
by Natalie From Joomla Templates
2050-12-12 $ 29
PC Repair Joomla responsive theme
Author Mecovache
Pc Repair template is latest 3.5 version of Joomla. It is a responsive template with many useful functions. This template can be used by a computer or electronic repair companies. It is the best way for a startup business. This template is realized in the CMS system. What is CMS? It is a Content Management System, It means that template has a special page called admin page (for site administrator) and by this page, it is possible to manage easily full site. Under "manage easily" we mean: Create new pages with its content (texts, photos) and delete those.
PC Repair Joomla responsive theme - by ,
3.00/ 5stars
by Mecovache From Joomla Theme
2050-12-12 $ 29
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