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In this section, we have gathered all templates,which don't belong to any of the previously listed template themes. These are templates like CV or Resume templates, Magento and etc.
WPress Plugin
Author kepler
Tetrabyblos is an extremely easy Word Press plugin to install and manage, which allows any cyber user to get his personal astrological chart from your website and, if you wish so, to obtain a first preliminary Interpretation report completely written and controlled by you. This is innovative and, we like to think, a precious and necessary plugin which does not exist as an independent script, on the world market for web services – thus the Word Press format.
The plugin is fully responsive so it can be implemented even in the most simple WordPress templates.
Tetrabyblos astrology WordPress Plugin - by ,
1.50/ 5stars
by kepler from Miscellaneous
2050-12-12 $ 77
Blockster | Filter, Sort, & More Ghost theme
Blockster Filters, Sorts, Searches, and more. NEW in Version 2 Lazy Loading of excerpt images. Posts per filter display. Performance improvements. Typography improvements. UI/UX improvements. Harnesses the latest version of Ghost, 0.5.x Last Updated: 1/24/15 HIGHLIGHTS Support for all of Ghost's latest features (image uploading, metadata fields, etc) Unique page-navigation widget that's easy to create on a per-page/post basis (example:
Blockster | Filter, Sort, & More - by ,
3.50/ 5stars
by pixelandkraft from Ghost Templates
2050-12-12 $ 25
Author WordPressDev
We are pleased to take this opportunity and introduce the mStreamRadio player’s plugin for WordPress themes. This plugin is the newest product and we offer it on the marketplace for the first time. The radio plugin gives you great opportunities to spread the audio data all over the Internet. This product can be employed for various businesses, for instance: Online Radio website, Internet radio station website and etc. However, this radio player plugin works only with WordPress themes and it does not work with simple html5 or HTML bootstrap sites. Here you need only standard installation
mStreamRadio - WordPress radio stream Plugin - by ,
4.50/ 5stars
mStreamRadio - WordPress radio stream Plugin - by ,
2.00/ 5stars
by WordPressDev from Radio Themes
2050-12-12 $ 20
html5 radio stream player
Author Mecovache
We are happy to introduce the radio streaming player that is brand new product and the first radio streaming player that we offer. The radio streaming player is extremely useful because it gives an opportunity to digitally transfer the audio data across the internet. The above-suggested product can be employed by radio websites, online radio stations, and radio websites. However, the radio streaming player is based on HTML5 jQuery and is only compatible with HTML5 or Bootstrap templates and does not work with WordPress.
mStreamRadio - HTML5 Radio Player - by ,
5.00/ 5stars
by Mecovache from Radio Themes
2050-12-12 $ 16
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