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Dobule - Food Delivery
Fully Functional Mobile Application for iOS & Android

Price Once Launched $999 - $1499
It has concepts for drivers & customers and offers different versions for both!

4 in 1

Final Date of Completion: 15.05.2024 

Dobule - Comprehensive Food Delivery Mobile Application Suite

Introducing "Dobule", the ultimate food delivery application suite meticulously designed for both iOS and Android platforms. This full-featured package not only simplifies food ordering and delivery but also enhances operational efficiency through a sophisticated ecosystem tailored specifically for the food delivery industry. With Dobule, stakeholders including customers, drivers, and restaurant managers experience seamless interactions, facilitated by cutting-edge technology solutions integrated into four key components:

  • Dobule - End-User (Customer) Application (Flutter):
    Allows customers to browse menus, place orders, and track their deliveries in real-time with a user-friendly interface, optimizing the customer experience from start to finish.
  • Dobuler - Driver/Delivery Application (Flutter):
    Provides drivers with route optimization, order management, and real-time communication tools, making delivery processes efficient and reliable.
  • DobuleRest - Restaurant Setup Application (Flutter):
    A robust platform for restaurants to manage orders, update menus and prices, and streamline communication with drivers and customers, available for iPad, Web, and Desktop.
  • General Admin Website:
    A comprehensive dashboard to manage all processes across the three mobile apps, ensuring smooth operation, effective tracking, and detailed reporting, compatible with Web and Desktop interfaces.

Integration of Google Services

The backbone of the Dobule suite is powered by Google Firebase, a leading technology that guarantees high performance, scalability, and real-time data synchronization. Integrating Google Firebase provides numerous advantages:

  • Reliability and Speed: Firebase's real-time database allows for instant updates and information syncing which is crucial for the timely delivery of services.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, Firebase's infrastructure scales your hosting needs to accommodate your expanding customer base without lag or disruption.
  • Analytics: Built-in analytics provide insightful data that help in refining user interactions, operational efficiency, and marketing strategies.
  • Authentication: It supports robust authentication capabilities that ensure all user transactions are secure and private.

Special Pre-Order Pricing:

Take advantage of our special pre-order offer today! Secure the Dobule suite for just $499. Post-launch, the pricing will range from $999 to $1499. This limited-time offer grants you access to a top-tier food delivery application suite at a fraction of the future price.

Testing and Customization:

If you wish to test the applications before making a decision, we provide comprehensive support and resources:

  • Admin Access: We can provide usernames and passwords for both the Restaurant Admin Page and the General Admin Website, allowing you to explore the functionalities and manage processes as an administrator.
  • Application Trial on Android: For real-time testing on mobile devices, we can send SDK files for Android phones. Customers can install these files on their devices to test the application in a real-world scenario, ensuring compatibility and performance.

This period is also an opportunity for clients to request further customizations to tailor the suite to perfectly fit their operational needs.

Live Demo and Exploration:

Curious to see Dobule in action? Click on the 'Live Demo' button below for a comprehensive video demonstration that outlines all functionalities and user interfaces of our applications. Discover firsthand the advanced features and intuitive design of Dobule.

Why Choose Dobule?

The Dobule suite stands out as one of the premier solutions in the market, having been refined through extensive competitive analysis and incorporation of best-in-class features. By choosing Dobule, you equip your business with a sophisticated, technologically advanced tool designed to enhance service delivery, elevate customer satisfaction, and optimize operational efficiency. Embrace Dobule, where technology meets convenience and efficiency, setting new standards in the food delivery service industry.

Upgrade your food delivery service with Dobule – a blend of innovation, functionality, and performance at your fingertips.


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