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Car service - Responsive Bootstrap theme (template)

This is Car Service Bootstrap template that can be purchased, downloaded and used to launch a fully functional website. This Bootstrap theme can be used by any company or business that operate in the car industry and wants to promote itself among potential customers. During these times it is very important to present your company through an online platform, a website, in order to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, do not miss this because we are offering a highly functional Bootstrap website template for a very decent and affordable price. But if you had no experience before with HTML and have some doubts about purchasing decision then look through our collection of Free Bootstrap templates.

At first, work with Bootstrap themes that are offered for free of charge and then if you are satisfied with the product, you can switch to our Professional Bootstrap themes that can be found here: Bootstrap Templates Collection. Of course, both types, Free and Professional (Premium), are high-end products and highly functional but Premium (professional) version still has some more benefits. For example, it will be updated every time new features and pages will be added to it. So it’s entirely up to you what kind of template you want but in both cases, you will be highly satisfied.

The Car Service Bootstrap HTML template can be used by businesses that are offering various car services. Use this website template to share your company information which will help you to increase the number of people who are aware of your business activities and potential customers. Having a website will also increase the customer satisfaction because they will have all the information they need before coming to your company for certain services. This information can be the opening hours, price range and etc. therefore by offering a website you are making the customer lives more convenient and comfortable.

So if you are in a car impairment industry and do not have a website then use your chance and download the offered Bootstrap theme! You will not have to do anything because all the work is already done, you will just need any HTML editor. For instance, you can use Adobe Dreamweaver in order to alter a template based on your preferences, wishes, and taste.

Bootstrap HTML website templates are very popular and demanded among people because it has many advantages like it is offered for the affordable price, needs a minimum effort to launch a website and is responsive. Any our website templates are responsive which means they can be accessed from any existing devices, for instance, cell phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers and etc. And the best feature of the responsive template is that it will change the design based on which device is used to open a website.

To understand better what is responsive template please click on button Live Preview, on the upper side of that page will be three icons which represent mobile phone, tablet and computer. By clicking those three different buttons you will be able to see how template’s design will look like.

As it was outlined before the Car Service website template can be purchased and downloaded by businesses that operate in the car industry and can use the template to distribute the information to the wider audience. The template offers 6 different sections to present all the data in a detailed manner. These sections are:

  • 1. Home: This page is one of the most important pages because it is the first thing that viewers will see therefore make it very interesting and attractive. Share some latest news which is noteworthy and engaging.
  • 2. About: In this section, you reflect on your company history for instance why and where it was created. Represent your mission and vision statements, corporate principles, and ideology that the company follows. Also distribute the information about your staff members, like their names positions and pictures.
  • 3. Services: This is the section you distribute very detailed information about the offered services. You post the outline or summary of services that also includes the price range, also arguments in favor to your company that you are the best problem solvers.
  • 4. Partners: This section is dedicated to partners that your company has. Tell and show to potential customers who they are because it increases the company credibility in their eyes. Also, explain the process of how people can become your partners what the steps and requirements.
  • 5. Gallery: In this section, you can provide the images of your plant, the process of problem-solving and etc. If you like the pictures that are presented in the given template, feel free to use them since they are included in the offered price and come with a template.
  • 6. Contacts: In this section, you can share your contact information like telephone number, email address, address and etc. We offer Google Map location tool to show your exact address to customers. If you do not know how to set up the Google Map location, then please follow this link:

If you have any questions, then please leave them in the comment section and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible. To make the explanation process smooth we offer video tutorials to answer your questions.

Template package include:
  • 6 pages design in .psd format;
  • 7 pages original files in .html;
  • working contact form released in PHP;
  • working search form realized in PHP;
  • working photo gallery with categories;
  • .php, .js, .css files;
  • all content images (all images are legal from www.yaymicro.com)
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