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Web design mistakes that must be avoided in 2017

5 Tips to be followed for Web Designing

Couple of years ago no one would care how websites were designed if they functioned properly without any lags. There was no concern about the appearance of website or the norms of constructing the acceptable design. Nowadays, digital world is like a galaxy, unending, therefore there is a harsh competition among various websites to be on the front pages of Google. Today, design matters, visitors and customers are judging the quality of website based on its appearance. It’s extremely important to construct the website that customers would like and each year new mistakes are emerging which should be avoided. Of course it is nearly impossible to take into account everybody’s criticism and create perfect design but still a short list of “Not to Do So” s will be a helping tool for creating decent design. In this article are represented 5 roughest mistakes which are usually made but must be avoided.

  • 1. Fonts (Size and Color)
    Remember to avoid using different font sizes or different colors of the fonts because it will most probably infuriate the visitor of the website. Various colors and sizes cause confusion among customers and also too many blended colors make eyes itchy and all one wants to do is to shut down the website. Try to find the best match of font size and color and use only that variation because customers like simplicity and find it to be the final sophistication.

  • 2. Poor Quality Images
    Using some stock images which are very poor quality and widely used is the worst thing to do during the construction of website. Copying somebody else’s image, especially when it is such a poor quality destroys your individualism in front of customers. It is always a better idea to spend a bit more but to leave better impression on your visitors.

  • 3. Say No to Music Background
    Music on background is always a bad idea because it is extremely annoying and irritating. First of all it is not necessary, if somebody wants to listen to a music he or she would open up the YouTube but not some other non-music website. Also, it’s extremely complicated and impossible to find the music which would be attractive and applicable for every visitor. People are diverse and so are their tastes in everything including the music. So simply make your life easier and just eliminate the background music.

  • 4. SEO
    SEO is like oxygen for the website and with which it can prosper and flourish in never ending digital world, therefore it is a must to include SEO strategies and tactics in website’s design. The common mistake is that web designers often are not too cautious about SEO tools which cause them a lot of trouble in the future.

  • 5. CTA and Navigation
    First of all before designer calls customers to action he or she should construct a website which is very easily navigated. Somehow it is regarded as an art to be able to create a website which is simple and easily navigated. If the visitor is confused there is a high probability that he or she will shut down the website or switch to other website which is constructed in an easier way.

  • Of course there a lot more things that should be taken into account when designing the website, actually those “things” make up never ending list but these five mistakes are the core ones which must be avoided. Monitor and control your website and customers, listen to them and try to do as they say so. Making a mistake is okay but not fixing it is not.



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