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How To Create Real Radio Station & Internet Radio Station Too.

On of the most popular templates in our marketplace is Online Radio Station website templates. The reason of its popularity is that, nowadays it is not hard to open up a radio station online. On top of that the expenses are not high too. Most of our customers who buy above mentioned templates also ask about how to make an internet radio station. We told a lot of our customers about this and decided not to write a letter one by one, so we are writing one interesting article about Radio Station. In this post we want to combine two things : First: how it is possible to make a real radio station as customers requirements are divided in two parts:

  • First one asks about how to make a real radio station
and the other one asks about

  • How the online (internet) radio station should be made.

First of all , we will show you how the real radio station is made with the least expenses and then we will discuss how to make online internet radio station with the lowest price.


For this you will need a space where your radio will be located, the room where the broadcast will be held must be a quiet place or it must be so isolated that the outside sound could not enter inside.

The devices you need for the real radio station:


we recommend you Behringer XENYX 802 8-channel Compact audio Mixer / which can be bought here:

Audio Mixer


here you can find all microphones you need:

Microphone and Microphone stand

3. POP FILTER (Bop cover)

can be found here:

HOW TO CREATE REAL AND Online radio station


can be found here:

Monitor headphone


you can buyes Fm transmitter , but it depends on the what radius are you going to broadcast the radio channels. see all transmitters here:

FM transmitter

6. Audio Processor

can be found here:

Audio Processor

In this video tutorial below will be shown how all above mentioned devices must be connected to each other and how to start-up your real radio station.

how to build online radio station


Now about the online radio station: First of all, for creating the internet radio station for this you need website, but it is not an ordinary website design. For this you need a specifical design which will fit this theme. On top of that we have experience in this and we are offering you our Radio Station website templates which are given in radio themes category in here: RADIO TEMPLATES

In this category you will find different kind of radio templates. If you do not have experience in HTML , we are offering you Radio CMS (Wordpress, Joomla) templates. With CMS templates are not needed any experience or knowledge in PHP or HTML by CMS templates admin page you can manage full site, easily add texts, images, create new pages with its content or delete and so on.

To sum up with CMS (CMS = Content Management System) you have the opportunity to manage full site without special knowledge. As i have mentioned above this types of templates can be found in radio themes category, but if you are programmer and have experience in HTML you can make your choise in simple bootstrap radio templates.

When you have online radio website then you need to integrate online radio script or special program. how to make this ? - For this we were searching lots to find an easy and cheapest way to show this to our customers.

Here you can see the step by step video tutorial about how the online radio station is made in internet only for $50:

Video tutorial online radio station

If you are willing to pay from 20 to 85 euro monthly and have perfect online radio station , in this case we recommend you this site: If you can use this account for free exactly 7 days and afterwards decide if this service corresponds your requirements.



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