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5 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Experience on Your Website

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Experience on Your Website

Professional website designers always consider these 2 things above all: First, to make templates easy to manage by their future owners and second, to make them 100% oriented on users. Some of you may ask, what exactly is a user oriented website, or how should a user oriented website look like. Some web developers and designers, even business owners who want their own website, can sometimes get so invested in details, that can be meaningless, to completely forget to consider the people who will be using the website itself.

Some studies and surveys on the internet showed that nearly half of consumers have minimal computer skills, while one-fourth have medium level skills and another one-fourth, who are mostly adults, are completely unable to use an average computer without help. These surveys serve as encouragement to website owners to check just how visitor-friendly their websites are.

Based on these studies mentioned above it would seem appropriate to make websites have certain elements to make them easy to use and navigate through. This also extends for a simple design, as complex ones take time to load, which is certainly not a feature web users tend to like.

  1. 1. One way to improve your UX is to make your website easy to navigate, make every step stand out, make every page heading as descriptive as possible. While having a minimalistic and simple design serves the exact same purpose, some people don’t actually lean towards it. To be more precise, having only a few pages with drop-down menus and sub-sections can make finding something a lot harder than it would be, if that website had all section and page choices visible on the homepage.
  2. 2. Ease of direct access to customer service is important. If someone enters your website, only to realize that they are completely lost, they wouldn’t want to spend some extra time trying to reach a customer service representative. So, when raving trouble in doing so, they would just give up and leave your website, rather than looking for someone that would help then look for something else. It’s just tiring to have to go through all of those steps, they would just think – “hey, why don’t I just Google it and find it somewhere else”, that would evidently end up with you losing one more visitor and/or potential customer.
  3. 3. Only having an easy-to-access customer service doesn’t do the trick, your representatives have to be first and foremost, helpful, secondly eloquent, hence easy to understand and finally – dedicated. I won’t start explaining just how important customer relations is for a company, I’m sure every business owner knows that well. What they don’t seem to understand is, that having a support service department filled with representatives tasked with some other things than customer communication along with it can end up having a crucial effect on a previously positive customer experience. This is usually the case with smaller companies and businesses, when they try to make an effort to save profits and hire multitasker employees, which let me tell you doesn’t always work out. If you expect your employees to deliver, you need to give them a single job that they are qualified to do.
  4. 4. Another annoying element which makes people leave your website in a heartbeat is, or are auto-play videos and audios. Other than them being annoying, there’s another reason these videos don’t work. Almost 80 % of people watch videos with the sound off, so it’s more than possible your website’s visitors will have their computers or just videos muted by default. To avoid this, try using words to make your point. I know it seems like people fear long texts and generally don’t read them, but you’ll be surprised in how many more people will get what your trying to say. To guarantee your visitors get informed, I suggest using bold fonts to make your words stand out.
  5. 5. Using color the right way can affect your customers experience positively. Humans tend to have psychological reaction to colors, sometimes without even realizing it. For example, green can make people think “Go”, while red makes them think “Stop”, with that in mind, cellphone software designers made call accept button green and decline button red. Although, that was previously influenced by peoples traffic light perception, nowadays call accept and decline buttons seem to be the cause of this psychological reaction. If you have an online shop, it is a good idea to make “Add to cart” and “Checkout” buttons green.
    There are numerous studies on how colors affect human perception, I suggest you read up on what colors are associated with your industry and use them wisely. (Healthcare sites use soft green and blue, because they are associated with safety and hope, while yellow and red make you hungry.)

So, these are a few words of wisdom from us here at Gridgum. Creating a visitor-friendly website is a bit hard, because owners themselves don’t notice things, that would be hard to figure out for first-timers, since they are so familiar with it. A good way to check your websites user-friendliness is to ask an older friend or a family member who is not the most skilled computer user and who has never before seen your website, to find something on it. Whatever it may be, users shouldn’t have to figure out how to do it, it should be crystal clear.



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