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Free Online Courses

With help of internet and free online courses people can learn anything including how to code. There are many free video tutorials that show you step by step how to build a website with various programs. In this article, we decided to present you five free online courses that teach the basic level of HTML. Of course, the online courses cannot give the thorough and ultimate knowledge of HTML coding, but it can create the solid foundation of basic level knowledge. The Internet is burdened with different HTML courses but of course not all of them equally good, therefore we handpicked for you the best of best. The five HTML courses are:

1. CodeAcademy
It is one of the most popular online platforms that offer HTML courses and teaches it step-by-step. The screen of your computer is divided into two parts, one of it reflects the results of your coding process. Everything in it is automated and therefore it is very easy to enhance the knowledge through the learning process. However, Code Academy cannot provide you with a certificate that proves the course accomplishment. In our opinion, the Code Academy is a good place to start but not enough if you want to pursue the career of a programmer. The most, of the teachings provided by Code Academy, is theoretical however in coding the practical part has equal significance. If you are interested in Code Academy, then feel free to click on the provided link and visit their official webpage:


2. General Assembly Dash
The above-mentioned platform offers the free HTML projects for beginners. The best thing about General Assembly Dash is that it is based on a real-world application and makes you build websites with the real application rather than with theoretical concepts. Moreover, once you will accomplish all the levels and tasks provided by the GAD, you will receive the certificate that acknowledges your skills and knowledge. However, the projects provided by GAD are still simple and elementary level and the higher levels are offered for a fee. As for the starter, the General Assembly Dash is the best place to give a visit. If you are interested in GAD, then please click on the following link:

General Assembly Dash

3. Lynda
The online platform Lynda offers hundreds of courses on different topics. It provides a couple of FREE HTML video tutorial, however, If you sign up for them you will receive a full access to their video tutorial gallery. One can also sign up for a premium membership in order to acquire an access to the project files. Moreover, Lynda has also a mobile application which makes the learning process more practical and comfortable. Unfortunately. Lynda’s premium membership can be granted through the payment of a small fee. However, once you purchase the membership, you will get the whole access to their videos and projects. If you are interested in Lynda, please click on the following link and visit their official website:


4. Team TreeHouse
Team TreeHouse resembles a lot the online platform Lynda. They provide some HTML courses for free but for the whole package, there is a small fee. However, it also differs from Lynda, in a way that it provides quizzes, test, online workspace and delivered content is more focused on website development. Team TreeHouse also has its own forum where students can ask questions about any matter. Unfortunately, by accomplishing the Team Tree House one will not get any certificate except the gained experience and knowledge. And some students also complain that provided quizzes and tests are far too complicated. If you want to learn more about Team TreeHouse, then please click on the following link: Team TreeHouse

Team TreeHouse

5. W3Schools
The above mentioned online platform is a free source open book, so all of the lessons are available for free. Moreover, if you want to get a certificate after successfully accomplishing the courses you can get one, by incurring a small cost of 95 US dollars. W3Schools is always upgrading their content and try to keep up with technological developments in coding and programming. Therefore, the new content is added at a very high pace. However, the W3 School is also for beginners, if you want to get professional, then you should search for other courses. If you are interested in W3Schools, then please click on the provided link and visit their official webpage:


We hope that the provided article will help you to start learning the basics of HTML. After gaining some experience and knowledge, you can test the acquired skills through our HTML templates which can be found here:

If you do not want to incur any costs, visit our library of FREE HTML themes, which can be found here:



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