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The Must Have HTML Plugins

In this article we decided to present you one of the best HTML editors which are so demanded on a current market. There are so many of them that it is difficult to find good ones. Here you would be able to find of the high-quality jQuery and HTML5 plugins:

1. Froala
Froala HTML editor is very simple to use and integrate with original website. You don’t have to have a very deep knowledge in programming to handle it. However, it requires jQuery 1.11.0 or newer ones and Font Awesome 4.4.0 which the iconic font. Froala compromises every feature of UI and UX plus a durable defense system for any XSS attacks. One of the Froala’s highlight is that can be used via 34 languages and it MS-Word Friendly. It is promised for mobile phones as well and its Keyboard shortcuts are also available. Therefore, if you want HTML editor with so many features and requires such little knowledge of JavaScript knowledge, then you should choose Froala. If you got interested and want to learn more about Froala, please following link:

2. Content Tools
The above-mentioned plugin is a small and unique content editor. Content tools does not employ any JavaScript framework but its works perfectly with it. The Content Tool includes five different libraries which can be used independently. The suggested plugin is created a new that it can be straightforwardly extended. The Content Tools editor can be added in any HTML page within a couple of steps. The whole process is explained on their website via video tutorials. Content Tools also has some highlights for instance, it supports the undo/redo and is also able to resize the images and videos. It is 49 KB g-zipped and supports Inline editing. As you understand it a great editor with various benefits, therefore if you got interested, then please click on the provided link:
Content Tools

3. Raptor Editor
The above-mentioned HTML editor is a free-source editor which is designed to be highly user-friendly, easily customizable and straightforwardly integrable. The raptor editor supports inline editing and also is perfect for complicated multi-block layouts. The Raptor editor employees the newest technologies HTML5 Content Editable and also jQuery benefits like built-in tests and extensible code base. It also can be characterized with some highlights like it has a very flexible docking options and is extremely well documented. The Raptor editor, as previous two editors also supports inline editing which is highly practical. If you would like to gain more information about the suggested HTML editor, then please click on the following link which will redirect on the official website:
Raptor Editor

4. Aloha
The above-suggested editor is highly-efficient content editing library. Aloha will allow you to build the editing practices inserted flawlessly in your website application. One of the biggest disadvantages of Aloha is that it still does not support the image adding. However, it is not a huge down turn and therefore it is highly popular and demanded editor on a current market. It also has some highlights, for instance it is a cross browser compatible and MS-Word friendly. It is only 142KB in size and is extremely easily customizable. It also offers the demo version where you can try out Aloha and work with it to better understand the functionality. If you are interested in Aloha or want to gain the demo version, please click on the following link and visit their official website:

5. TinyMCE
The TinyMCE is an independent platform which is based on JavaScript HTML. It gives you a chance to change HTML text fields or any other HTML elements. You would be able to upload and monitor files on Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure and many more others. TinyMCE obeys the WAI-ARIA requirements therefore is compatible with screen readers like NVDA and JAWS. You would also get selected support if you belong enterprise or own it. It supports more than 40 languages, checks spelling and is MS-Word friendly. It includes the built-in photo editing, live media appending and also shows the robust Cross Browser performance. If you would like to gain more information about the suggested plugin, then please click on the provided link and visit their official website:

All of the above-mentioned editors are highly efficient, functional and user friendly. The editors can be used to make your website look and perform better. You can try out the suggested editors with our Free HTML templates and see how they actually function. If you are interested in out Free HTML templates, please visit the following library:



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