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Must have Joomla Plugins

In this article we decided to present you the 6 best Joomla template extensions. There has been a high interest and demand for them, so we decided to help you out. There are many Joomla extensions on a current market, however not all of them are high quality. Below we will distribute the 5 chosen best Joomla extensions:

1. SP Cookie Consent
The following Joomla plugin is for displaying a legal notice on your website and updating the viewers that the website uses cookies. The HTML tags can be used in the provided text area field. The SP Cookie Consent presents the website cookie and privacy while the viewers visit the website. The user is also able to set a text, links to documents and the custom their colors for notification field. SP Cookie will be updated and will compromise more and more features connected to GDPR law. If you got interested and would like to download it, then please click on the following link: https://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-extensions/cookieconsent
SP Cookie Consent

2. SP Medical
The above-mentioned Joomla plugin is a full medical management solution with various features and benefits. The provided powerful Joomla plugin will help you to create a great website for different types of clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and etc. The SP Medical includes the doctor profiling, cost calculation, search appointment and many other important benefits that are related to medical institutes. In April 2018, the very first SP Medical component was released with JOOMshaper template, but it can also be used independently for your website. Its benefits include department lists with various services and costs, dynamic weekly schedule page of specialist, unique dashboard with brief statistics and overview. If you got interested and would like to see their official website, then please click on the following link: https://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-extensions/sp-medical
SP Medical

3. SP Easy Image Gallery
The suggested Joomla extension which can be used to have a great image gallery slideshow in your website with various functions. It also builds the beautiful albums and provides various systems of SP Easy Image Gallery. In the end it will provide you great experience with stunning image layout and design. The SP Easy Image Gallery Joomla extensions also compromises a lot of options liked Gutter and column managements, thumbnails editing and many more other, responsiveness and multiple album categorizing. If you would like to download the very handful Joomla extension, then please on the provided link: https://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-extensions/sp-easyimagegallery
SP Easy Image Gallery

4. SP Property
The SP Property Joomla extensions will help you to launch a website for the real estate agency by providing the complete system to manage the property related things like property visit timing, agents, the costs and etc. With the suggested plugin you can easily publish and monitor various property data like property locations, property features, neighborhood and etc. There was also released, and Empire Joomla template based on the above-mentioned property. The SP property can be used for any Joomla 3 + website because it fits to any kind of real estate business or agency. If you got interested in the provided Joomla extension, please click on the following link and visit the official website of it: https://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-extensions/sp-property
SP Property

5. SP Kindergarten
If you plan to have or already have school or kindergarten related website, then it requires a high functional system to monitor and manage the institution specific data. Using the above suggested plugin, one can easily manage all the information like subjects, classes, students, teachers, activities and etc. Managing these data effectively will save you a lot of time and other resources. Even though the SP Kindergarten was originally issued with the specific template it can be used to any of the Joomla theme. The SP Kindergarten has a lot of benefits some of which are the career timeline of different teachers, showcase courses with meticulous information about the school, subjects, teachers and etc. As you have noticed it has a lot of features so if you got interested, please click on the following link: https://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-extensions/sp-kindergarten
SP Kindergarten

6. SP Movie Database
With the SP Movie Database, you can easily create the website which resembles the most popular ones like Rotten Tomato, IMDb, Metacritic, Rolling Stone and many more. The SP Movie Database will also compromise the data for games, advertising campaigns, audiobooks, animations, TV shows, movies and etc. The user will be able to build and monitor the database for the content that is related to actors, directors, movies, media and etc. If you have the commercial website, SP movie Database fits you perfectly because you will be able to add the URL of each provided product. If you got interested in the suggested Joomla Extension, then please click on the following link: https://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-extensions/sp-movie-database
SP Movie Database

All of These plugins which were mentioned above can be checked and tested in one of our free joomla template which can be downloaded for free from our free website collection here:

Free Website Templates download

We hope that published article will help you to find the best and suitable Joomla template extensions for your websites. Meanwhile we will continue updating you with the newly released Joomla plugins.






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