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Microsoft Surface Studio For Designers

Before reading the article we recommend to watch this presentation from Microsoft about the newest Surface Studio For designers.

Microsoft sruface Studio Presentation

Microsoft launched surface just four years ago and it’s only grown the brand in that time the company’s new surface studio is evidence of its growing design expertise in a technical achievement by any measure one look at the studio is all you need to tell it’s a bit different the old school 32 aspect ratio is strange by modern standards and there’s nothing like in the studio’s. 20 inch size but it makes sense it provides a better usable workspace for draw and design and even document editing and the display looks gorgeous whatever you’re doing and our testing we found it can hit 100 percent now the SRGB spectrum and it turned in the fourth most accurate color we’ve ever seen better still the display lacks any clearer weak spot. It’s pretty much great in ever area including pixel density apples iMac with retina and Del’s 5k ultrasharp monitor are the only pc displays they crammed in more pixels per inch ... 

Everything which you read above can be seen in this step by step YOUTUBE Presentation

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