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Copyright, Trademark &
DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

In our previous article, we tried to explain what is the Copyright and Trademark and how can we benefit from having them. In the current article, we want to present you the DMCA (the Digital Millennium Copyright Act)Takedown services, which will help you to get back your stolen content. The content can be anything like images, texts, video, products, audio and etc.We want to explain what is DMCA and what it can do for you in a very detailed way.

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

The main question is what DMCA can eliminate for you?

Basically, anything that is generated by you and is used by someone else, without your permission. For DMCA, it does not matter from what part of the world is the website hosted, it can get them down anywhere or if not return your money back.

You would ask why to choose explicitly DMCA and not any other Takedown service?

Because DMCA is the best in the industry, most experienced, qualified and offers very fast services for a very affordable price.

Starting from the case managers and ending with customer service teams, DMCA is full of the most qualified and experienced group members. The DMCA’s professional team of experts are best at taking down the stolen content very fast since they have done that multiple times. The most appealing about services of DMCA is that if they will not succeed in getting back the stolen content the 100% of money will be redeemed.

The most important factor in getting down the stolen website is TIME. The quicker you shut down the stolen content the easier and better for you. Therefore the DMCA form fir takedown needs 3 minutes to be completed to get the case started. DMCA will have the stolen content take down even before you will find a lawyer and explain the case to him. Taking down the stolen contents needs experience and knowledge of fastest way of doing it. DMCA has chosen the efficient process and case managing strategies.

When people notice that their content is stolen they immediately want the thieves to be punished. From their perspective they have two options, hiring the lawyer or passing the case to DMCA however that kind of approach is wrong. DMCA is never against of hiring lawyers and getting the help from them, it just points out that DMCA services are much quicker and cheaper. There are many case when hiring a lawyer is even beneficial for handling the situation. The legal entities, more precisely lawyers are important in fighting against copyright infringement and content protection. Therefore DMCA often works with lawyers and together they take down the content thieves from all around the world.

If you are interested in how they cooperate with lawyers and how their work goes, please click on this link:

To find a lawyer is always a complicated process but it gets even more complicated when the thieves are in another country than lawyer and yourself. It will take a lot of time to find the experienced lawyer in DMCA get downs. Then, you have to negotiate the charges for a lawyer in order to receive all the available data, to make the law firm start working on the case. However, with DMCA you just need 3 minutes to fullfil the form, pay the fee and DMCA will automatically start working on your case.

But of course all of the above mentioned services that are offered by DMCA come with a price. DMCA has two different price packages, protection basic which is for free and protection pro for 10$ on monthly basis. The Basic Protection package is created for small personal websites and owners who would like to have solution which effectively eliminates the robbery of content. As for Protection Pro, it is designed more for professional websites and businesses that need the optimal protections to secure their property. Of course the Protection Pro package has more benefits to offer, for instance unlimited real time image watermarking or unlimited website copy scanner and etc. But the free version of protection has also a lot to offer so in both cases the content will be optimally protected from potential thieves.

If you go interested in DMCA and would like to assure the security of your website content, then please click on this link, visit the DMCA official website and find the desired information:






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