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Live stream Video

The most important five steps to start live streaming

  The request for access to video is exponentially increasing. People tends to replace long, boring articles into a live video that make them more motivation and provide vivid explanations. five vital stages to effectively stream live video, including the usage of camera, wired versus remote network, capture equipment, and streaming platforms. With every stage, we will cover imperative contemplations that will take out conceivable issues that can emerge when you get started.


Yes, you definitely can live stream using your phone camera; however, using a high quality camera would let your channel look more professional. It is beneficial to you if you use a camera that has an HDMI output, which allow you to transfer data from your camera to your cloud in an HD quality.

Internet access

Always check you are connected to the internet while you are streaming. Your connection could be wired or wireless, but when you have a chance, try always to have a wired connection because it guarantees a better access and limits the off chance of being disconnected. You should always check your internet speed before starting streaming your video; this should be about 10 Megabit/Second for upload and download speed.

Wired Connection

As stated before, wired connection is preferred when you live stream in your channel. Starting with your video camera that has a clear HDMI feed then you will need a HD recorder device that basically record data from your camera while saving its high definition quality. The record data transfer your video automatically to your computer. Your recorder is connected to your camera through an HDMI wire; your recorder will be connected through a 3.0 USB to your computer. By doing this, you have an efficient wired connection that guarantee you an HD transfer to your media from your camera to your computer.

Wireless Streaming

You will need a specific recorder to transfer your data wirelessly, for example Teradek Mini or Livestream Broadcaster Pro. Likewise wired connection, the procedure is the same; it takes data from your camera and transfer it to your computer. The main difference remains that the procedure is now wireless.


Not all platforms are for free, if sign up to USTREAM or YOUTUBE LIVE, they offer trial for 30 years and then they ask you for monthly subscription. Some platform has build live web broadcasting; others did not. As a result, you might require some other encoding software. Depending on how professional you want your channel to be, you will decide the look for professional encoding software.



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