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New Optimization Strategies for Google Voice Search

New Optimization Strategies for Google Voice Search

In the current decade most of the companies and businesses have purchased or built their own websites to communicate better with their customer segment. But in order to be visible and noticeable website, search tool like Google has to award you with giving you the space on the front page. There were many articles written about search engine optimization and about steps to create a Google-friendly website. But all of the tricks and techniques that you know might become outdated since Google introduced Google voice search which is becoming very popular way of searching the desired information or website.

Ten years ago, people were just using their computers and laptops to search the data but currently sixty percent of searching process is done through the mobile phone. The extremely popular usage of cell phones changed the course of searching process and therefore Google introduced the voice search tool. The voice search tool is a tool created by Google that enables people to conduct Google search by using their voice on a mobile phone or on any device. In other words, instead of typing the words and sentences in Google search one simply has to speak out loud what he or she wants to find.

The voice search gained immediately the recognition among the Google users and according to Internet Trends Report it will become more and more popular with extremely high speed. Therefore, there is emerging the new necessity, the website optimization for the Google voice search. There are many different ways how the search optimization can be achieved but in this article we would like to outline the 5 most important ones:

1. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes
You should always consider the way your potential customers are thinking, what words and sentences they will use to find you. Your website content should be optimized for the keywords that will be employed the most frequently. This strategy is relatively easy to implement because you can try out on yourself, for example recall what words you are using during the searching process. For example, if you have hotels in New York your content should compromise the sentences like: Affordable accommodation in New York, decently priced hotels in New York, nicely located hotels in New York and etc. In other words, use the wording that most probably will be used by people who want to find the best deals.

2. Usage of interrogative words
During the search process most of the people use the interrogative words like Who, What, When, Where, How and etc. Think about based on your content what are questions that your potential customers might ask the Google Voice search. Compromise the questions that are taken from common conversations among people. According to search Engine Watch the most frequently asked question starts with the word Who, so try to construct the sentence that will include the word Who, since it will help to optimize your website.

3. Outline the Semantics
It is absolutely a must to use the latent semantic indexing keywords in order to increase the chances of being present on the first pages of Google. You might wonder what is latent semantic indexing? Well, it is an algorithm used by Google to build a bridge between words and concept in the website’s content. For instance, the algorithm would help to differentiate between Windows (Microsoft) and the windows that we have in the houses. The whole process of Google voice search depends on how well it understands the customer’s intent and how well it matches with search results.

4. The Local Listing
Sometimes, when people are traveling they want to explore and search the things that are near to their location. Therefore, by optimizing the local listing of your company, you are increasing the possibilities of getting noticed and chosen by Google Voice search. All you have to do is to fill out the USPS approved address in Google My Business listing. It is also helpful to include the phrases and keywords that your potential customers would use in the introductory part of Google My Business.

5. Mobile Focus
Even though the Google Voice search can be conducted by using any device, still the most commonly used device for voice searching is mobile phone. According to the article which was published on Search Engine Journal, approximately more than 50% of mobile users are employing the Google Voice search. The statistics and other data prove one more time, how important it is to have a mobile friendly website. We would actually recommend to go through the Google’s Mobile-Friendly test which would evaluate your website’s position in the internet.

6. Website’s Speed
If you give a thought, you will realize that people who are using the Google Voice search are most probably in a hurry or occupied by other activity as well. Therefore, for them it is extremely important to get the desired information in a very quick manner because they do not have time to wait. To leave your customers satisfied, make sure that the website is working with a very high speed and loads very quickly. If you want improve your website’s speed, try to run the Google’s page speed insight test which will let you know how to solve the problem and make your website operate faster.

We can be more than assured that the Google Voice search will become more popular and be eventually be the dominant strategies for finding the desired information or website. We hope that the ways that were outlined above, for website optimization, will be helpful for you and your website.






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