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The 10 best web designing tools for Stock Photos

This is already the second article about 10 the best web design tools and more precisely about Stock photos. Stock photos are professional photos of various things like nature, people, countries, basically everything, which are licensed for specific uses. During the web designing process, it is essential to have stock images therefore people are buying/selling stock photos to use them for commercial purposes. In this article will be distributed ten best websites that offer robust collection of stock photos.

  • 1. Pixabay – It is an active community full of people who share the copyrights for various images and videos. Since all the offered content is released under the Creative Commons (CCO) the usage of these images is absolutely free and it needs no permission even for commercial purposes. The offered images can be copied, edited, modified, shared, used for commercial and non-commercial purposes without giving any credits to creator of these images. If you want to have Pixabay photos on your website, then upload them on your server but take into account that the Pixabay image URLs are not working on external websites. As it was mentioned above the offered images are free but you can still make some small donations through PayPal to support the Pixabay community. Please visit their official website for more details:

  • 2. Unsplash – This is an online community that offers more than 30 000 high-resolutions photos that are provided by various photographers around the world. The huge library of photos is getting bigger every day, so you have all chances to find what you are looking for. The best thing about Unsplash is that it offers all these photos for absolutely free of charge, apparently there are many photographers who generously share their images. Unsplash has been very active and popular, it has been used by various companies like Apple, Nasa, Trello and etc. Moreover, Unsplash photos are also included in different WordPress themes. So if your website is lacking some photos, feel free to use this free platform which will help you to find suitable images and organize your content. For more information, you can visit their official webpage:

  • 3. Stocksy – It is the collection of huge number of high quality images and videos created by professional artists all around the world. Each offered image on Stocksy is exclusive with supreme and excellent quality. All distributed images come with standard royalty- free license, which includes not only commercial usage but also advertising, blog posts, book covers, product packers, copies in print (more than 200 000) and etc. However, there is a little price that has to be paid to access all these services and sources. They have a price range for images with different sizes and also different price packages for extended license options. They accept various payment options like PayPal, major credit cards, purchase order and etc. For more information please visit their official website:

  • 4. Pexels – It is a huge collection of Stock Photos that are all licensed under the Creative Commons (CCO) which means that it is legal to use those images for various purposes including the commercial one. You can download, edit, modify, copy and do whatever you want with these images. In return Pexels does not require anything, so all these photos are shared for free. As a contribution you can also upload some picture or even donate some money as a support through the PayPal. For more complete information, please visit their official webpage that can be found here:

  • 5. Gratisopraphy – Ryan Mcguire, an artist from Grinnell, IA was inspired to create an online platform that would offer various free images so he created Gratisography. It is a collection of high-resolution pictures that person can choose for commercial or noncommercial purposes. All of the offered images are free of any copyright restrictions because the creator of them is Ryan Mcguire himself. One simply has to click on the image to download the high quality image and use afterwards how ever he/she wants. To see the online collection of pictures, please follow this link:

  • 6. Adobe Stock – it is one of the most popular online platforms that offer wide range of high quality stock photos for a very decent price. It gives a chance to a web designer to find the image that will be perfectly suitable to the website. You can preview the images which are watermarked within your website design and then acquire access and license to modify them based on your preferences. Adobe Stock offers different price packages which can be one time and annual (monthly paid fee). The price packages also vary based on the number of assets you will acquire but they also offer the first month free trial. For more information, please visit their official website:

  • 7. Zoomy – Zoomy app helps web designers to find free high quality images for their creative products and projects. It offers more than 80 000 photos that are licensed under Creative Commons (COO) and Public domain from more than 50 sources. It means that there are no legal restrictions to use these images for commercial or non-commercial purposes. It offers new version 3.1 that can be installed for Windows, macOS and Linux just for 4.99$. After acquiring Zoomy app one can download, copy, edit, modify and distribute various chosen images without asking any permission. To look through their photo collection, please visit their official website:

  • 8. New Old Stock – It offers vintage images from different public archives that are free of copyright restrictions. It means that provided photos can be downloaded, used and shared for various purposes without any legal restrictions. By employing these photos many different moments of history can be recaptured. All you have to do to gain the access to these pictures is to sign up and via that account proceed with usage of images. To create an account, please visit this page:

  • 9. SplitShire - It is an online platform created by an artist who has accumulated more than 900 images over some period of time and decided to share them with other people. Its mission is to help customers the suitable images for their websites, projects, blogs, book covers and etc. But there are some legal restrictions as well, for instance no third-party stock websites, no selling of the photo to third parties and no usage of images in projects that have inappropriate content (anything that promotes violence, discrimination, racism and etc.). To look through the image collection please follow this link that redirects you to the official website of SplitShire:

  • 10. Death to Stock Photo – It is an online platform that offers free and premium stock images. By acquiring premium membership, one is gaining an access to premium quality stock photos. This tool will assist you to explore vast variety pictures that can be helpful to make your websites and projects look perfect. Premium membership has many benefits it includes: more than 20 photos added monthly, no limits to downloads, photo filtering and search, feedback on projects, access to web application with more than 1500 images. Death to Stock Photo offers two price packets for gaining membership: 15$ per month or 145$ on annual basis. For more thorough information, please visit their official webpage:

As you might see, there are many tools that help you to find images for your website either for free or for a little price. You can scan all the provided websites and find the one that suits the best but we are sure that all of the tools provide high resolution photos. We hope, after reading this article you will not have any difficulties with finding perfect Stock photos.



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