A New Marketplace Launch / 24 June 2017 - 14:21:27

A New Marketplace Launch

Responsive Themes Marketplace

After months of brainstorming, developing, testing and good old fashioned hard work, the Gridgum launch day has finally arrived! It’s the result of sweat, tears and enough energy drinks to bring a woolly mammoth back to life. To say we’re excited is an understatement.

Our service, Gridgum, is a theme marketplace which connects buyers and sellers of premium responsive website themes and templates. We know there are already a vast number of theme marketplaces around, but many of them are overcrowded with low quality or overly similar themes. With Gridgum, we want to break the trend. Our site aims to link buyers with the best quality premium responsive theme developers around the web. Our focus is responsive themes and templates only and these are not restricted to the Bootstrap framework.To build up the best marketplace of premium responsive themes on the web, we are on the lookout for the best responsive framework authors, we like to call them Gridgummers, and there are no limitations to becoming a Gridgummer other than our submission guidelines. What we are looking for is one thing and one thing only: we want to find the best quality themes and templates for a great cross-browser, multi-device user experience.

For theme developers

Building up a great marketplace is ultimately about finding the best theme authors. Our commission structure is simple. We offer a fixed 70% commission rate for exclusive themes to Gridgum, and a fixed 45% non-exclusive commission rate which allows Gridgummers to sell the same themes on other marketplaces, their own websites or blogs. Click here to view our seller commission rates.Theme developers can also add an installation/setup service with their themes which we feel is a great way to offer buyers an additional optional service.

Theme and Template Buyers

We’d like to say thank you to every theme and template buyer who tries out our service, so we thought up a rewards points scheme to give a little something back. Purchase a theme from us and we’ll give you reward points, saving you money on future purchases. You can even get an extra 5% off your theme or template purchase by sharing on your social networks.While other marketplaces are overflowing with bland, low quality and repetitive themes, plug-ins and templates, we’re aiming to build a marketplace that offers you only the best responsive themes and templates only. We want to bring together the best designers and we will only accept the very best. As our marketplace grows we will tighten our submission guidelines and would be happy with any feedback you guys provide to help give you a better experience.After months of toiling away, we think we have come up with a service that we hope can become the best place on the net for buying and selling great responsive themes. The rest is up to you, our customers and our first Gridgummers. We hope you are as excited as we are!



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