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What is Gutenberg and what benefits it can deliver

Gutenberg – Popular WordPress Plugin

This article is dedicated to a very popular WordPress Plugin Gutenberg which is employed by most of the web designer. Gutenberg is the editor that can build a new-page and post-building experience that makes the post writing less complicated and more exciting. Gutenberg is more than just an editor, it can revise the layouts that were not changed for more than ten years or to create a modern editing experience and set up a foundation for future plans. Most of the other editors just take into consideration the content field, however, Gutenberg looks at the whole editing screen. Below are stared a couple of the most important reasons to choose Gutenberg:

  • 1. Gutenberg assists to unify various interfaces and adding on top of that the existing interface then we would get more complexity and thoroughness.
  • 2. By revising the existing interface, one can modernize the writing style, publishing strategies, editing and etc. The changes can bring more usable and simple content to both new and long-term users.
  • 3. If single block interface takes the center page, then it will demonstrate a vivid path for web designers to build the premium blocks which will be superior to both the short-codes and widgets.
  • 4. Taking into a full screen gives us a chance to drastically develop the foundation and be more eager to get the JavaScript-powered future that wholly leverages the WordPress REST API.

You might have a question what blocks are? Well, Blocks are the unified version of what now is covered in various ways, via shot codes, widgets, post formats, theme options, embeds, custom post types, formatting elements, meta boxes and etc. Blocks demonstrate how functional WordPress is and what it is capable of with consistent customer experience.

As an example, imagine an employee block that a user can move to the About Us section to present automatically name, image and a short biography. So, in other words, the block is like a huge universe that covers various WordPress plugins altogether. Blocks compromise different menus and widgets which are extremely simplified. The blocks can assist people to create authentic, beautiful, interesting and modern posts.

The posts that are edited through Gutenberg are backward compatible and with functioning shortcodes. Web developers are trying to explore how widely created meta boxes can be accommodated in order to extend the functionality of various blocks. They want to resume writing and publishing user-friendly and also to find a good solution for highly tailored websites.

Gutenberg has three different planned stages:

  • 1. The first one is created for inclusion in WordPress 5.0 and concentrates on the implementation of blocks and post editing experience. In other words, the initial phase focuses on the content first.
  • 2. In the second stage, there is a use of blocks which will allow its users to focus more on how the content will look like without eliminating other configuration possibilities.
  • 3. The first two stages are essential to make the third one successful. The two above-mentioned stages will page the pathway for the third and final one.

Gutenberg is a huge change because it delivers the insurance that existing meta boxes and shortcodes will always work. Ultimately, Gutenberg will open up some new interesting opportunities for plugin and template developers to better serve the users.

Gutenberg is a free source which means that everyone can get it without incurring any costs. Moreover, it has been translated into more than 30 locales, thanks to contributions of translators. If you are also interested in browsing the code, then you should check out the SVN repository or through RSS subscribe to the development log.

As it was mentioned previously, Gutenberg is more than an editor because the project ultimately will affect the whole publishing style including the customization. Therefore, if you are interested in Gutenberg and want to learn more about, then please click on the following link:

Acquiring Gutenberg is pretty easy, one just has to click on the Download button and install it on a personal computer. You can explore Gutenberg by using our WordPress templates which can be found here: Our WordPress catalog is divided into FREE and Premium themes and it is entirely up to you which one you will choose.

We think that the Gutenberg is one the best -functioning WordPress plugins and therefore do not hesitate to use it!



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