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Bootstrap Extensions to Have Highly Functional Website

Bootstrap is the most demanded front-end framework that can assist anyone to create sophisticated website without wasting a lot of time and financial resources. Moreover, Bootstrap can be customized, and the framework can be extended based on your preferences and wishes. Since Bootstrap is a very popular framework there are various FREE resources that can be found online and used to make the Bootstrap website more functional. Therefore, today we decided to present you some of the most popular FREE source extensions for Bootstrap developers.

1. Owl Carousel
The Owl Carousel is fully editable FREE carousel plugin which comes with touch and drag feature. The suggested extension is fully responsive and works smoothly with any website browser. The Owl Carousel extension comes with a very detailed instructions which will help you to install, implement and develop it very easily. The demo version of this extension offers various types of carousels that can be used via Owl Carousel. The provided extension is compatible with Bootstrap 4 and the features of it covers responsiveness, RTL support and infinity loop. If you got interested in the FREE Owl Carousel Bootstrap extension please click on the following link:
Owl Carousel

2. Bootstrap Maxlength
The free Bootstrap Maxlength extension assists you to limit the number of characters that can be used typed in the text box. The text box area will show sign of warning when the threshold value of input characters will be reached. Moreover, as soon as the threshold value will be reached the text box will take no words and characters anymore. Of course, the threshold value can be altered based on our preferences and needs. The Bootstrap Maxlength can be used for feedback or complaint boxes where website viewers will have some specific space to express their attitudes and thoughts. If you want to get the Bootstrap Maxlength, then please click of the provided link and visit their official website:
Bootstrap Maxlength

3. Bootstrap Slider
The provided FREE Bootstrap Slider extension assists you to supplement some simple sliders into your website. If you want for the website very simple sliders, then this is the extension you should choose. First of all, it is free-source, so you can use it without incurring any costs. And the extension provides you with more than twenty different sliders that can be implemented via Bootstrap slider extension. Those twenty different sliders include a slider with tooltips, a vertical one, slider with various colors and styles, disabled one, single or double slider and many more. If you want to explore the world of sliders and include them all in your website, then you should visit the provided extension’s official website, which can be found here:
Bootstrap Slider

4. Ion Range
ION range sliders is a fully responsive, very easily editable slider extension that you can download without paying any price or free. The extension is a cross-browser compatible and compromises various features embracing the support for events and public methods, two slider types, support for negative and fractional values, prefixes for numbers and etc. The best thing about ION slider is that it comes with four different skins like FLAT UI skin, HTML5 skin, Modern Skin and Simple dark skin. The guide book that comes with the suggested extension is very detailed and will assist you to install and set up the extension in a correct way. If you are interested in ION range, then please click on the following link and you will be redirected to their official webpage:
Ion Range

5. jQuery File Upload
The above-mentioned extension has five distinct versions from which you can choose. These versions are Basic, Plus, Basic Plus UI, jQuery UI, AngularJS. All of these different versions have different features. For instance, with basic you can upload multiple files and the uploading process will be designated by a progress bar. But if you take for instance, the Basic Plus version, then you can upload various file, progress will be indicated the progress bar and images can be previewed before uploading them. So, the better versions it is the more features it has. But it is entirely up to you and your need which one to choose. If you are interested in the above suggested extension, then please click on the following link and will be redirected to their official website where you can find more detailed information:
jQuery File Upload

There are highly useful FREE Bootstrap extensions that will help you to have fully functional website. We promise that we will be adding more information about other FREE source Bootstrap plugins anytime soon. But meanwhile you can check the ones that were provided in this article via our Bootstrap templates. We have a huge library of FREE Bootstrap templates, but if you are interested in Premium Bootstrap themes, then please follow this link:



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