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The 4 Best Places to Search for the Development Tools

Designing the website or application is not only about creating the right layout but also the quality of the platform itself. One should make sure that website functions fast, processes information delinquently and operate without any bugs. Therefore, in this article, we decided to share with you the four best platforms with various developer tools which will help you to build a high -quality website that would be liked by any user.


GitHub has been the most popular place for developers and people who are in constant search for improving their product. Therefore, GitHub tries to stay at the top and spends a lot of effort in improving and developing their offerings. For instance, lately, their introduced Topics which allows people to tag the reports based on type or technology. Moreover, they also announced the option to limit the review dismissals with secure branches. GITHUB also has its own platform where thousands of developers, all over the world, gather and work together on various projects. Most of the tools that are used nowadays by many developers and designers were created or originated with the help of GITHUB. There is no doubt that GITHUB will continue to dominate the current market and act as the glue for many of the tools. If you are in a search of various plugins, then GITHUB is definitely a place to give the visit. If you want to learn more about GITHUB, please click on the following and take a look at the official webpage:



Approximately four years ago was created DOCKER and since then it has been gaining more and more recognition among the developer and web designers. Recently, in March of 2017, there was the introduction of DOCKER Enterprise Edition and DOCKER 17.06 Community Edition. DOCKER provides its users with freedom of choice, agile operations, and integrated container security for legacy and cloud-based applications. DOCKER assists its users to exploit their potential via granting the developers and IT the freedom to create, operate and secure the business-critical applications without the risk of infrastructure lock-in. DOCKER combines its container engine technology with world-class services and enables the users to bring the classic and cloud-based applications into the more automated and safe supply chain. DOCKER is very popular on the current market since it boosts up the productivity and decreases the need of various resources which can be financial and non-financial. If you are interested in DOCKER and want to learn more about it, please click on the provided link:



There has been the continuous integration and deployment of this continuity and JENKINS is one of the leaders of the following movement. It is one of the most popular open-source automated server, which provides various of the plugin to support the development and creation of any project. Because JENKINS is an extendable automated server, it can be used as a simple CI server or transformed into the delivery hub for various projects. To install JENKINS is extremely easy since it is self-contained, a Java-based program with packages for Mac OS X, Windows and for other operating systems. JENKINS can be set up also very easily and configured without facing any problems. Since it has thousands of plugins in the Update Center, it can be integrated within minutes to any tool in the continuous integration and continuous delivery toolchain. Moreover, JENKINS can be extended through its plugin architecture, giving almost infinite options of JENKINS abilities. As you might have noticed, JENKINS provides a lot of benefits and definitely is worthy of a visit. If you want to learn more about JENKINS, then please click on the following and visit the official website:



GITLAB is the most direct competitor to GITHUB and tries to use most of its resources the bit the latter. For instance, GITLAB announced a twenty million US Dollar Series C round in October to position itself as a stronger player than GITHUB and to climb the top of a mountain. Its main motto is to spend more time writing the code and less time maintaining the toolchain. GITLAB offers project planning, code management, and process monitoring. GITLAB is a single application for the whole Development lifecycle and makes the software lifecycle two hundred percent faster. By employing the GITLAB, one can be highly efficient, by working concurrently and without having any handoffs. GITLAB makes its users highly confident with developing and operating via simplified user management, secure compliance and expedite auditing. It really is a single application, which compromises all the stages and steps of the development lifecycle for various products, QA Security, Development, Security and etc.

If you are interested in GITLAB and want to learn more about it, then please click on the following link and visit the official website:


We hope that provided article will be helpful in your decision-making process and you will find useful the suggested platforms. Meanwhile, we will keep sharing important information for web designing and development!






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