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The 10 best web designing tools for Logo Design

We are happy to introduce our ninth article about 100 the best web designing tool and more precisely about Logo Design. The logo of the company or website is its face therefore the logo designing process is very important. We decided to share with you the 10 great tools and online platforms for logo creation. Hopefully, after this article you will never encounter a problem to find suitable tool for logo design.

1. Designmantic – It is an online platform that will help to design design logo for anything for example, business card, company, or even a website. The tool can be very easily employed, in the official description of product is written that even “your grandmother could use it” without having any difficulties. By using the above mentioned tool there no more will be a need to have a graphic designer because you can design anything without a deep knowledge or experience. The Designmatic also provides various templates that can be employed to design T-Shirts, bulletins, brochures, advertisements and etc. They also provide to their viewers five simple steps to design a company logo without incurring any costs. The Designmantic is available to everyone, it offers to different packages which varies with price and features. There is starter pack which is for free and standard pack which costs 9.99$ per month and it of course includes way more benefits than starter pack. For more thorough information, please visit their official website: https://www.designmantic.com/ Designmantic

2. Square Space – It is an online tool which helps web designer, graphic designer and many other to design unique and sophisticated logos. The Square Space is very easy to use since it is created for people who do not have that deep knowledge of design or coding. You simply have to enter the name of your company and the tool will automatically offer you the design and list of icons that can be used. To facilitate the searching process of icons you can type in the name of symbol that are looking for. The creation of logo design with the help of Square space is very easy, time and money consuming. If you are done with designing and want to download the end product you face two options: First, you can download it for free but it will be watermarked, low resolution and only for non-commercial use. The second option is to pay 10$ and receive the logo in high resolution format and use it however you want. If you want to gain more information, please follow this link: https://logo.squarespace.com/ squarespace

3. Graphics Spring - It is an online tool for logo making which is absolutely free of charge. Graphics Spring is a very simple way to create high quality and resolution logos for various businesses, startups, magazines, online companies, newspapers, book publishers and etc. To work with Graphics Spring is very easy and straight-forward, the process can be explained in three easy steps: First, choose the logo template which will be categorized by market or industry. Second, alter the design and text of logo template based on your preferences, tastes and wishes. It is a click-and-drag format which is very easy to use. Third, when you are done the logo creation process, save it and download it in high resolution format. All of these can be achieved by paying 19.99$ once for unlimited use. For more thorough information, please follow this link: https://www.graphicsprings.com/ graphicsprings

4. Logo Genie – It is an online tool for logo designing which is very easy to employ. If you need the logo for company or business there is no need to contact web agency any more, you can simply use Logo Genie tool and create your unique logo. The logo creation process will last approximately five minutes since the process is very easy. There are three simple steps that have to be taken: First, you should enter the company name, then you should choose the icon from the icon collection and then edit the logo through the multiple tools and effects. With Logo Genie you can alter anything, for example, colors, fonts, icons and etc. All of these benefits can be achieved by paying a little price, to gain the information about available packages, please follow this link: https://www.logogenie.net/ logogenie

5. Logo Makr – It is an online platform that can be used to design and create logos. When you visit the official website of Logo Makr there will be presented the short video description about how to use this tool. The video is vey helpful to people who do not have a rich experience with logo designing. The Logo Makr tool is very easy to use there are just couple of simple steps to be followed. With Logo Makr one can choose the icon and later on edit it based on their preferences. One can change everything like size, color, font or even the icon itself. All of these benefits can be gained by paying a very decent price. To have more thorough information please follow this link and visit their official webpage: https://logomakr.com/ logomakr

6. Logo Type Makr – It is an online tool that will help you to create authentic, sophisticated and stunning logos for your company. The Logo Type Makr offers to its customers the all inclusive premium package with everything that is necessary to design and create the logo. By purchasing the premium package one will have the access to more than 200 different fonts, more than million icons, unlimited support, high resolution images, free changes and many more. Logo Type Makr also offers the application for Logo making which has very easy interface that gives you an opportunity to design, edit and download the logo design from your mobile phone. Logo Type Makr helps you to create distinctive, unique and beautiful logo design for your company and brand. For more detailed information, please follow this link and visit their official website: https://logotypemaker.com/ logotypemaker

7. Logo Garden – It is a free online logo creator with wide variety of design tools, colors, fonts and many other beneficial features. The Logo Garden tool can be employed very easily without have a special knowledge of designing and the end result can be achieved in less than ten minutes. However, if you are interested in more professional logo creation then Logo Garden also offers a service that will provide a graphic designer. If you do not know how and where to start, Logo Garden tool has some design tips, video tutorials and advices that will guide you to designing process. If you are interested in this tool, please click on this link and visit their official webpage: https://www.logogarden.com/ logogarden

8. Logoshi – It is an online platform that will help you to design a logo for the company in a moderately cheap way. Generally, the graphic designers are very expensive and deliver the end product very slowly therefore the solution to that problem is Logoshi tool. By using Logoshi you can save money, time, effort and etc. Logoshi tool can be used to design logos for companies, brands, businesses, Youtube Channels, applications, blogs, T-Shirts, Startups, business cards and many other. If you are interested in Logoshi, feel free to visit their official website to get more detailed information about it. The webpage can be found here: https://www.logoshi.com/ logoshi

9. Logaster – It is a logo creation wizard which delivers high quality logos in a very short period of time. The Logaster is very easy to use, there are just couple of steps that have to be followed. The first trial is free of charge and you will get an idea whether you like the tool or not. When you go to the website you can click on the button “Create a logo”, you will be redirected to a page where you will put your company name. Afterwards, you will choose the logo concept, which can be edited and afterwards the final product can be saved and downloaded. To see the process by yourself, please follow this link and visit their official website: https://www.logaster.com/ logaster

10. Logo Maker - It is an online tool that was created in 2004 as a side project for a logo design company. Logomaker design team will create more 100000 unique and authentic logo concepts for companies but many of them would be left unused. Therefore, they decided to create an application and give an opportunity to people to create sophisticated logos online. The main principle and idea of Logomaker is to make the logo design affordable to everyone. Previously, one had to search some design agencies waste a lot of time, energy and money to design simple logo but with Logomaker you will not face that kind of problems. Logomaker is a software that is very to use, anyone can run it without special knowledge or experience. Before logo creator apps, the designing process could have lasted days but now its just couple of minutes. If you are interested in Logomaker and want to know a bit more about it, please follow this link and visit their official webpage: https://www.logomaker.com/ logomaker



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