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The 10 Best Web Designing Tools for Prototyping

We are happy to introduce our tenth article about 100 the best web designing tool and more precisely about Prototyping. Prototyping is important part of web designing process since it facilitates the process itself and enables designers to save some financial resources and time. Therefore, we decided to present you the ten best prototyping tool that will your lives easier and designing process pleasant, quick and fun.

1. Sketch - It is a tool for authentic and unique design creation, suitable only for mac. Sketch has a lot of features which are very important and useful for designers during working process. It also provides simple and perceptive interface which is accompanied with prevailing plugins. Sketch will allow you non-destructive editing, vector editing, export presets, code export, grid guides and iOS Mirroring. But the best thing about Sketch is that you can create the design once and then re-use it as many times as you want. It also allows you to work with other designer and produce some collaborations by sharing some of your stuff with other people. As it was mentioned above Sketch is compatible with mac and can be downloaded only for 99$ but it also offers the free trial. If you are interested and want to know more about Sketch, then please feel free to visit their official website: https://sketchapp.com/ Sketch

2. Napkin – It an extremely online tool that helps you to create or edit some design patters within a couple of minutes. Napkin has layer controls that allows its customers to include various layer to every Artboard and monitor their appearance. Napkin has different artboards to give a chance to customers to visualize multiple ideas simultaneously and quickly. It also provides some editing controls for any type of layer, you just have to double tap on it. One can also alter the layer sequence or simply eliminate them. The best thing about Napkin is that it can be employed through the cell phone, so get the application on the app store and start designing on your phone. For more detailed information, please follow thins link: http://designwithnapkin.com/ designwithnapkin

3. Flinto – It is an application employed by designers all over the work to create authentic, interesting and unique animated prototypes of their own built application designs. Flinto is only compatible with mac and can be downloaded from the app store. It offers a lot of features and benefits, for example Animated and Micro Transitions, drawing tools, Scrolling, Video Layers, Sound Effects, Viewer app, 10+ Gestures and many more. It also provides a free trial period which lasts for fourteen days and afterwards if you still want to use Flinto, you will be charged with a fee. To get the one-year license one has to pay 99$ and will receive all the new and updated features during the course of a year. For more detailed information, please visit their official website: https://www.flinto.com/ flinto

4. ProtoIO – It is a tool that builds fully-interactive high resolution prototypes that function and appear exactly as your application should and there is no necessity for coding. ProtoIO helps people to transform the ideas into a real application with user experience and make them see how it will work in the real life. After you will design the prototype it can also be previewed on any kind of device, in any browser and any software. One can also share the works with other people to get the feedback from other designers or simply to collaborate with them. There are more than 500 000 people who are using the ProtoIO so join them and embrace its benefits. The first fifteen days are free of charge and serve as a trial period and afterwards the license should be purchased. If you want to get more information, please follow this link: https://proto.io/ proto

5. Weld – It is a tool that helps to create animated, visual, interactive design on your already existing website or platform. By employing Weld there will be no more needed agencies or developers which means money and time saving. Its like working in InDesign but for the web and also you are not locked to templates framework therefore you can create whatever you want. After design creation process, one can publish the end product embedded in the already existing website or as a separate website. Weld is for Enterprises and therefore the price is descriptive to them, it starts at 3000 per month. For more detailed information, please follow the link and visit their official website: https://www.weld.io weld

6. Balsamiq – It is a quick Wireframing software that helps people to work faster and smarter. It creates the feeling and experience of drawing and sketching on the white board but using a computer. Wireframes are very useful and important since they help you to generate more ideas and quickly distinguish which ones are bad to eliminate them. You will also receive the adequate feedback which help you to improve, develop and get better since there is always a space for improvement. Since it facilitates the designing and planning process it also leaves more time for coding and writing algorithms. So if got interested and want to gain more information, then follow this link and visit the official webpage: https://balsamiq.com/ balsamiq

7. App Cooker – It is a tool for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad applications in other words it can be used only for apple product and can be downloaded from app store. It offers prototyping on these gadgets which delivers authentic, high quality and unique results. You will be able to receive the professional feedback and see what can be improved or altered. Since the application can be used on three different devices and it is extremely comfortable and convenient. Of course to get the application and its benefit there are some costs that have to be incurred. For more detailed information, please follow this link which will redirect you to the official website: http://www.appcooker.com/ appcooker

8. Atomic – it is an online tool that provides sophisticated interactive design features, for example data, variables and logic which helps every designer to create better products. With the help of atomic one can employ amazing realism to their design contents within the seconds and develop them to highly functional prototypes very easily. The best thing about Atomic is that is free to use to all the designer all around the world in other words unlimited prototypes and unlimited projects. Start with their free account use the crash course that contains all the necessary information for you to start prototyping. Atomic is quite famous on the market and is used by many known companies like SHARP, UBER, pwc and etc. If you are interested and want to gain more information, please follow this link and visit Atomic’s official website: https://atomic.io/ atomic

9. HTML5 Up – By employing HTML5 Up tool you can design classy, authentic, responsive and highly editable HTML 5 templates. On the official webpage one would be able to find various HTML 5 templates with different design content based on some different categories. All the templates can be downloaded absolutely for free without incurring any additional costs. All you have to do is to choose the suitable HTML 5 design, look through the demo, download it and afterwards employ it. If you want to be informed when the new design contents are uploaded, then follow this account on twitter @ajlkn. To get more information and look through the product the HTML 5 is offering, feel free to visit their official website that can be found here: https://html5up.net/ html5up

10. Axure – It is a tool that offers sophisticated prototypes without coding like dynamic content, adaptive news, data driven by some categories, animations and many more. The best thing about Axure is that all of these can be achieved without writing any single line of code. Moreover, it is very easy to share the works generated by Axure, just by clicking the button and Axure RP will do all the work for you. If you want to share the work with other people, then just send the link and other will easily see it in their browsers. Axure is an industry leader and has been developing projects with prototyping already for sixteen years. In other words, it is a very popular on the market and it employed by 87 percent of FORTUNE 100. For more detailed information, please follow this link and visit their official website: https://www.axure.com/ axure



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