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Great Web Designing Tools: COLORS

We are happy to introduce our sixth article about 100 the best web designing tool and more precisely about colors. It is very important to choose the right colors in order to create an authentic website design. We hope that after reading this article you will not face any challenges with finding the suitable colors for your various projects.

1. Adobe Color CC – It is created to assist designers with color palette selection by using various distinct colors that are based on color theory rules. But customers are also able to create colors based on their taste and preferences without following any kind of rules. In a few easy clicks designers will be able to get the desired color by choosing the base color and color wheel that created multiple color combinations. It is also possible to get the Adobe Color CC tool on your iOS and Android devices. The color themes that designers create are automatically saved to creative cloud libraries. The colors designed via this tool can be used in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Flash Professional CC and many more. It does not matter what you design like logos, websites, posters you can always rely on Adobe Color CC. If you are interested in this tool and want to gain more information about it please visit their official webpage by clicking on this link:

Adobe Color CC

2. Color Hunt – It is a public collection of authentic color palettes created by a designer and art director Gal Shir. In the beginning Color Hunt was a small project to share colors between a couple of designer and then it grew into this beautiful tool. The collection of colors is growing everyday since the colors are created by the Color Hunt users themselves and are offered for free. Color Hunt is used by designers, web designers, illustrators, digital artists and by many more. It is a very popular tool among these people because it is easy to use, has a rich collection of colors, provides an opportunity to create your own color palette and it is free of charge. If you are searching for a right color palettes or are willing to create you own one, then this is definitely the tool you should employ. If you want to create an account and use Color Hunt, then please visit their official website which can be founded here:


3. Coolors – This great tool was created in 2016 by only one guy, Fabrizio Bianchi, and became popular very quickly, it already has more than 320 thousand users, more than 640 thousand color palettes and above 50 thousand downloads.
By employing this tool, you will gain an access to one of the richest library of colors. It is very easy and fast to use it, just by pressing the spacebar. You can also create your own color palettes and share those with other users as well. Users can also choose base color from images and receive the perfect combination automatically. Afterwards users can adjust the base color by changing brightness, saturation, temperature and etc. The created palettes can be exported in various formats for instance, PDF, PNG, SVG and etc. In your profile all the created palettes will be saved and you will be able to access it from anywhere at any time. For more information, please visit their official website:


4. TinEye – It is a tool for picture recognition and search. They position themselves as professionals in computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning and etc. The creators of TinyEye do a lot of work to make the users’ images searchable. The tool is already employed by millions of people and runs billions of searches in various industries all around the world. It uses Multicolor Engine to make more than 20 million images on Flick possible to search by color. In other words, users will be able to create color palettes from any image with the help of Multicolor Engine. It is functional with JPG, GIF and PNG. TinyEye makes the searching process extremely easy and efficient search images via colors and create colors via images. To give it a try, please visit their official website:


5. ColorZilla – it is an extension for Google Chrome, that helps website developers, website designers, graphic designers and etc. with color related tasks that can be either elementary or advanced. Colorzilla compromises various color tools, for instance Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator, Color picker and etc. which help to overcome the obstacles related to colors. With Colorzilla users have a lot of opportunities like to analyze the page and find a palette of the colors. Customers can also design advanced CSS gradients and many more. It is also possible to use ColoZilla as an add-on in Firefox. For more thorough information, please visit the official website:


6. Colicious - The tool is amazingly easy to use and it needs substantially little amount of time to generate and find the desired color. One just has to click the space bar on the keyboard and new color will be generated. There are many other tools that offer color palettes but some of them have limited number of colors. And Colicious tries to fix that problem by offering the fountain of colors. If you are looking for a super quick color palette generator, then please follow this link:


7. PaletterGenerator – With the help of this tool, people can easily find inspired design with image palettes created using the k-means algorithm. The provided tool will design a color palette using the base colors found in your image. PaletteGenerator is used by web designers, graphic designer, developers, interior designers and by many more. Nowadays, it is the only online tool that enables its users to choose an area of interest and whole image simultaneously. The best thing about PaletteGenerator is that it also can be accessed through mobile phones. The recent updates of k-means algorithm improved the performance and made the searching process very efficient and productive. For additional information, please visit their official website:


8. Pictaculous – It is an online that can be employed very easily. Customer has to upload the chosen image and color palette will be generated automatically. Images should be in PNG, GIF and JPG formats only and files larger than 500k cannot be uploaded. So if you have ever wondered which colors were used in a concrete image than you just have to visit this online tool. To employ Pictaculous and embrace its benefits, please follow the provided link:


9. The Color App – The application makes extremely easy to find colors. Moreover, it does not provide a circle which compromises all the colors together but instead draws a solid line between distinct colors. In this way, users are able to easily identify colors and choose the desired color. The Color App has a very rich library of colors which will utilize your color hunt. For more information, please visit iTunes since it’s the only place where Color App is offered.

10. UncIrd – It is an browser extension which can turn any website in black and white colors. UncIrd can be used via Google Chrome or Firefox and only. It is very easily manageable, you just have to download and afterwards install it. In other words, UncIrd is a browse plugin that deletes all color data of a specific website and turns it into entirely black and white color. If you are interested, please follow this link and download the tool:




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