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Great Web Designing Tools: Inspiration

We are happy to introduce our seventh article about 100 the best web designing tool and more precisely about Inspiration. Inspiration is vital part of designing process since creative ideas shape the website’s design. Sometimes web designers lack inspiration, therefore, in this article we decided to share ten best websites, that deliver great design ideas, resources and motivation.

1. Dribbble – It is an online community of designers who discuss various topics and daily respond to hundreds of questions. Logo, graphic and web designers, artists, illustrators unite and inspire each other. They share the images of their past and current projects to motivate community members and increase the interest in designing. The online platform was created in 2009 to help designers all around the world to become more popular and compatible. Dribbble is more social network platform where designers keep in touch, follow each other and compose different groups to work on various projects. To become the part of community, one simply has to sign up to create an account on Dribbble. For more thorough information, please follow this link that will direct you to the official webpage of Dirbbble: dribbble

2. Design You Trust – It is one of the most famous design blogs in entire web space which is updated very frequently with engaging and interesting information. It compromises new design trends, events, images, articles, advertisements, news and various inspirations from all around the world. It was founded in 2007 and is now followed by thousands of people. By visiting Design You Trust, one simply will never be disappointed and find the source of inspiration for new and unique project. They have creative group who searches the design news all over the internet, choose the most interesting and engaging ones and share it with its viewers. To check out latest design trends and many more interesting things, please visit their official webpage: designyoutrust

3. Really Good Emails – It is an online platform that provides one of the best email template designs and resources. The collection consists of more than 2750 templates that are hand-picked and represent the best email examples. Really Good Emails is open to creative and unique concepts so if you have design ideas, then feel free to send it to the creative group. The carefully and well selected catalog of emails helps to inspire web designer when they start creating newsletters. To check out the collection and get motivated please follow this link and visit the official webpage: reallygoodemails

4. Awwwards – This is the place where the good and successful deeds of web designers and developers are recognized and appraised. Awwwards help to spread the word about recent developments in the designing industry and show how it evolves and changes. It is a meeting point where various types of designers come together all around the world and are inspired by their colleagues’ knowledge, experience and success. It is the place where designers are discussing various topics and are open to respectful critiques which will help them to be even better. Each year Awwwards organizes the conference in various countries like Spain, Netherlands, US and etc. to unite the most competitive and successful agencies from all over the world. If you are more interested in Awwwards, feel free to visit its official website: awwwards

5. One Page Love – The website was created in 2008, Cape town by Rob Hope and it runs through WordPress using the WordPress templates. It is an online collection of One Page websites, themes and resources which has already more than ten thousand visitors per day. One page websites are pretty popular nowadays on the market since it provides the minimum information which is sufficient to help customers to make right decisions. In other words, One Page websites do not have additional pages like About Us, Contact Us and etc. to eliminate additional information as much as possible. One Page websites are one of the best ways to focus users’ attention on the most important and relevant information. To get more thorough information please visit their official website: onepagelove

6. Designspiration - It is an online tool for designers to search, collect and share creative ideas. The board design reminds of Pinterest-style board which is fool of high level design idea inspirations. It already has thousands of users who share daily their ideas and feedbacks to each other. By signing up for Designinspiration, one will be able to find the suitable design inspiration and save it in his or her account. If you are interested in finding some fresh, unique and creative design ideas, then feel free to visit their official webpage: designspiration

7. Site See – It is an online platform that provides collection of high level design, modern and sophisticated websites from all over the world. One can explore the Site See gallery and get inspired by various collections and resources. The users of the website are also able to create collections and share it with customers, friends, co-workers or simply with all the other users. The tool also has the filer which helps to utilize the search process and finding the suitable match. There are various collections of website for instance the Shops that pop up most frequently, agency favorites, websites with pink backgrounds, grey portfolios and etc. Site See is also available as a Google Chrome extension which can be installed very easily in just couple of steps. sitesee

8. Muzli – It is an online tool that delivers design news, inspirations, trends, recent developments or changes and etc. Muzli keeps its viewers updated with latest design projects and news on a daily basis. By employing Muzli one can discover various innovative illustrations, design themes, design features, creative projects and opinions of many different designers all around the world. Muzli helps designers to receive respectful critique and feedback in order to develop and improve the performance (since there is always a room for improvement). Muzli uses various popular websites like Dribbble, Techcrunch and etc. to deliver the best designing inspirations and news. If are interested and want to gain more information or to explore Muzli tool, then feel free to follow this link: muz

9. Material Up – It is an online platform for developers and designers to search, find and share the resources to build high quality applications and websites. On daily basis, Material Up compromises the best resources for iOs, and macOs like open-source applications, interfaces, inspirations, experiments, and etc. By signing up for the Material Up, one automatically becomes the member of community and is able to find and collect the design ideas and inspirations. One can also showcase his or her work or someone else’s work which is useful and motivating. The members can also sell and buy the end products through Material Store. If you like to experience all these benefits, then feel free to click on this link and visit their official webpage: uplabs

10. Mobile Patterns – It was created in 2003 and since then it gained the popularity very quickly. It is an online collection of design ideas and inspirations which are shared by various designers all around the world. People are uploading the screenshots of their website, application or project design to assist and give some design ideas to other as well. It is a platform where various designers can discuss different topics, ask questions, receive critique and feedback. If you are interested more and want to gain more thorough information, then feel free to click on this link and visit their official website: mobile patterns



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