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The best Testimonial Plugins for your WordPress Websites

Web designers are always searching some ways to make their websites look and function as good as possible. There are various plugins that help them to accomplish their goals and one of those are Testimonial plugins. Testimonials are the feedback from your customers that can be displayed on your webpage. They help to increase the social proof of your website and create trustworthy relationship with customers and website viewers. Therefore, we decided to dedicate this article to one of the best Testimonial plugins for the WordPress websites.

1. Testimonial Rotator
Testimonial rotator plugin can be easily added to your website and effortlessly managed. It gives an opportunity to build testimonial carousel where can be included rotating testimonial on whatever part of your website. One can create a number of different rotators and manually insert customer data, for instance feedback, work position, picture and etc. It also offers detailed, step-by-step instruction of how to use and install the plugin. If you got interested, then please click on this link and you will be redirected to the official page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/testimonial-rotator/

Testimonial Rotator

2. Easy Testimonials
If you want to allow customers to upload feedback and publish them on your webpage, then you should get Easy Testimonials plugin as soon as possible! The above mentioned plugin, allows you to complement customer review form on your webpage to store the testimonials afterwards. The good think about Easy Testimonials is that you can use the WordPress administration area to enter the customer testimonials. After accomplishing these steps, you will be able to publish desired testimonials by using a very simple short code. If you want to gain more detailed information about the offered plugin, then please follow this link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-testimonials/

Easy Testimonials

3. Strong Testimonials
Strong Testimonials is one of the most demanded plugin on the market since can be easily customized. It is offered with various display options, for example grid layout, single column layout, slider for testimonial and many other things. Strong Testimonials also compromises the Customer Form, which helps customers to publish their feedbacks, reviews and testimonials. You will also be able to receive the feedback through the social media platforms since the offered plugin compromises Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and etc. If you are interested in Strong Testimonials plugin, please click on the provided link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/strong-testimonials/

Strong Testimonialss

4. WP Testimonials, Rotator Widget
Even though WP Testimonials is simple plugin still is very customizable. WP Testimonials provides you with a chance to add testimonials easily and differentiate them based on some categories and tags. When you be finished with creating the testimonials you will be able to publish them using a very simple short code. The short code comes along with various parameters that can be used to edit the appearance of testimonials based on your preferences. WP Testimonials plugin is also offered with widget that has the exact same options as the short code one. If you want to gain more detailed information about WP Testimonials and how it functions, please click on this link and you will be redirected to the official webpage: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-testimonial-with-widget/

WP Testimonials, Rotator Widget

5. Testimonial Slider
Testimonial Slider plugin suggests up-to-date WordPress Testimonial slider that has an upgraded and value-added customer experience. The offered plugin comes with a slider and also with plain list blueprint. If you want, you can also include the front-end Contact Form to accumulate customer reviews and feedbacks. One can publish testimonials anywhere on the website using a simple shot code or a sidebar widget. The best thing about Testimonial Slider is that it works perfectly with every kind of screen size and is mobile friendly. If you got interested in the suggested testimonial plugin, please follow the link which will redirect you to the official webpage, where you can find detailed info: https://wordpress.org/plugins/testimonial-builder/

Testimonial Slider

6. Testimonial
The Testimonial plugin is a very intuitive WordPress plugin with very simple options where customers can choose the colors by themselves. The Testimonial plugin provides a draggable box items which provides you with an option to choose various fonts, text colors, font sizes and included images. The down side of the offed plugin is that it does not compromise a rotator or slider therefore the testimonials will be presented in the form of list or grid. If you want to gain more detailed information about the suggested plugin, then please follow the provided link and visit the official website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/testimonial-add/


We hope that you liked the provided article and it would be useful in the future during the Testimonial plugin selection for WordPress websites. Since the Website creation process requires various plugins to have the high quality end-product, we will continue to offer the articles with similar content.



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