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High conversion for retail apps

Its getting more common for designers to work with mobile applications rather than with “desktop design” because people are using more frequently their mobile phones rather than computers. The retail apps are increasing with extremely high speed and proportionally the competition among these apps as well. Its extremely interesting how one little detail can lead to wrong design and huge losses in revenues. Therefore, in this article we try to help to build up the app with avoiding some crucial mistakes.

  • • Product Details
    When you are designing the product pages try to include every aspect of your product. Customers love when they have all the information about the product that potentially will be bought. Problem with mobile application is that there is not much space so try not to waste any. Amazon app is one of the good examples how one should construct the app, they have very long-scrolling design which allows them to compromise everything about the suggested product. The details like size, color, price, quality, description, recommendations and the most importantly the reviews about the product. The customer reviews are essential part of E-commerce because people want to know others experiences and satisfactions.
  • • Registration
    When it comes to requesting the registration it is always super annoying for the customers, especially when they have to do it with small screen using mobile phones. So try to avoid that part but if it is absolutely a must then try to make the registration process smoother for instance through Social Platform login with Facebook account. It is much easier and needs less time than the normal registration process.
  • • Shopping Carts
    You should always give the full power to users of the app to satisfy them as much as possible. Based on Google´s retail app its always beneficial to endow your customers to alter their shopping bags or carts at any stage of shopping process. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how annoying it would be to go back for few steps every time you would want to edit your shopping cart. And the frustration will eventually lead to low sales, conversion and revenues. One of the good examples of online shopping carts would be Walmart app because in their case you can alter the desired quantity of product even at the last step of shopping process. As a result, users can change their mind and make some changes at any time of shopping process.
  • • Contact Information
    Great UX in e-commerce means excellent contact information and customer service. Users have to be sure that they can reach you anytime and ask questions about the products or ask to solve their problems. So first of all, you have to make the contact information very visible and easily accessible to not confuse customers. Second of all, you should offer different ways of communication processes like email and telephone/mobile call. Try to be there 24/7 for customer to increase your credibility and their trust in you.

You should remember that retail apps are always riskier to build that any other apps because their design explicitly affects the conversion cycles and revenues. Therefore, you should always be attentive what your UX lack in order to be perfect because there is always a space for improvement, the only thing is to detect that pitfall.



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