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The 5 Top listed Joomla Templates

In the previous two articles were presented the best WordPress and Bootstrap templates that are created by the Gridgum website designers. Therefore, in today’s blog, we decided to share the Joomla themes that are the most rated from our customers. If you are interested in our template collection, then please click on the provided link and you will be redirected to the requested place:

Below you would find the list of five the most popular Joomla templates and short descriptions compromising their content:

1. Astrology Responsive Joomla Theme
The above-mentioned Joomla template is a perfect match for individuals who would like to post information horoscopes, astrology, zodiac signs and etc. Generally, Joomla templates are pretty easy to manage since they have a content management system (CMS) which provides a full administration to operate a website. The suggested template will assist you to launch a high-quality website with sophisticated but at the same time simple design. You will more than enough space to publish all the desired data in a detailed manner. The Astrology Joomla template has six different sections which are Home, Services, About Us, Gallery, Horoscopes and Contact US. The included images can also be used since they are integrated into the template package. If you want to launch a website without wasting a lot of financial and non-financial resources, then this is your chance! To learn more about the suggested template, please click on the following link:

Astrology Responsive Joomla Theme

2. Music FM Radio Station Joomla Theme
Joomla radio station templates are becoming more and more popular since many people want to own online website radio. The provided Joomla template has an administration page which is as easy to use as Microsoft Word, therefore, you will not encounter any problems regarding running a website. The suggested template is perfect if you want to share your thoughts, music, ideas to the people all over the world. The website will have an authentic, simple and modern layout design which is attractive to every website viewer. It has vertical and horizontal menus, big slideshow, various sections and etc. To create the Music FM Radio Station Joomla Theme, there were used different frameworks like Bootstrap (CSS), Font Awesome (CSS), jQuery (CSS, JS), Isotope(CSS, JS) and etc. The offered template package includes installation package, all content images, design in PSD format and 3-month host account for an online radio station at

If you want to learn more about the above-mentioned template, then please click on the provided link:

Music FM Radio Station Joomla Theme

3. Truck Service Joomla Template
The offered Joomla template is for companies and individuals who have the business related to transportation, truck repair services, truck cleaning services and etc. One of the reasons why Joomla templates are popular is that they can be easily modified. They have the administration panel from which you can control everything like add or delete images, alter the design, create text boxes and many other things. And the best thing about Joomla template is that one does not need any previous experience or knowledge of programming to deal with it. The website will have a fully responsive design which means that it can be accessed using any device like mobile phone, computer, tablet, laptops and etc. Moreover, the website design will be altered based on the screen size of a device that is used. The design of a template is very sophisticated, modern and eye catchy because of the included animations and slideshows. If you are interested in the above-mentioned Joomla template, then please click on the provided link:

Truck Service Joomla Template

4. University Joomla Template
The University Joomla template is a perfect match for the companies and people who operate in the educational industry. The provided theme can be used to launch a descriptive website for schools, universities or any educational institute. Using Joomla template, the launching process will not consume a lot of time or any kind of resource. By purchasing the suggested Joomla template, you will acquire a website with responsive design and responsive background slideshow with HD pictures. The images that are presented in the template are also included in the template package and therefore will not cost you extra. The University Joomla template has seven different sections that can be used to publish all the important data in a very meticulous way. Moreover, the above-mentioned theme comes with three different design that can be chosen based on your wishes, taste, and preferences. If you want to learn more about the template, please click on the following link:

University Joomla Template

5. Professional Solution Joomla Website Theme
The suggested Joomla template is perfect for companies and individuals who would like to have an online educational website or anything that is informationally helpful to students. The template was created through the Joomla system and has incorporated the content management system (CMS) with which can be altered already existing website design. The Professional Solution Joomla Website theme has different sections which can be used to cover all the relevant information in a very detailed manner. About Us, the page comes with three different layout design, like left sidebar, right sidebar and both sidebar. Moreover, there is a separate page for the gallery where can be uploaded an unlimited number of images with short descriptions. The search process will be eased since the page has a filter of different categories. If you want to learn more about the provided Joomla template, then please click on the following link:

Professional Solution Joomla Website Theme






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